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🌞 Summer Themed Collection on Sale This Weekend Only- Celebrating Summer 🌞


YES! The first day of summer is on Sunday! I’m super excited to give y’all FOR THE FIRST TIME 8 cozy mysteries set in summertime! How fun is that??? AND the entire box set is on sale this weekend only for .99!! That’s over 400,000 words and over 1600 pages for fun southern cozy mysteries!!

Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Tonya

Here are the eight books included in the box set:

Grab you flip flops, sunglasses, and a big ole glass of sweet iced tea to welcome in the summer by escaping into the 8 FULL-LENGTH cozy mystery collection of summertime novels!
Enjoy over 40,000 pages of southern hospitality with a smidgen of homicide.

Splitsville is more than Olivia Davis ever dreamed of when she launched the online break up service where she does the dirty work. It helps her keep a job because she has a gift no one understands. When one of her clients shows up dead, the trail leads back to her. It’s time to use her gift to figure out who the killer is and who’s trying to set her up.
A Charming Spell
As newly elected Village President of the magical village, June Heal has the final decision to allow the opening of Ever After Books, plus try to make Oscar Park a potion so he remembers who he is and his heart belongs to her. When one of the Spiritualist turns up dead and Oscar Park is falling in love with someone else, June has her hands full trying to solve a murder and fix her love life.
Checkered Thief
The heist king blackmails Laurel into believing Laurel’s long time best friend, Derek Smitherman, will be on the other end of the vigilante gun if she doesn’t help in stealing the money using her history of petty crime. She will stop at nothing to prove Derek’s innocence.
Betting Off Dead
Gambling on horse racing is Kentucky’s number one sport but when Kentucky Derby
Thoroughbred picked to win the Derby, Rails and Nails, ends up poisoned, SKUL special agent Mick Jasper and rookie witch Maggie Park, who keeps her witch powers a secret, are called in to investigate a world of illegal gambling where a run for the roses can prove to be deadly.
Mocha and Murder
Roxy becomes entangled in another murder as she puts her sleuthing skills to work in order to prove that Louise Carlton didn’t kill Fred Hill over a pet adoption gone wrong. After all, if Louise goes to jail, who is going to find all the animals at Pet Palace a home.
Forests, Fishing, & Forgery
It’s Labor Day weekend in Normal and Happy Trails Campground is at the center of a murder in which campers as well locals are suspects. It looks likely that a local resident is responsible for the dastardly deed since the victim is the one person who had the power to shut down the national park, which would be devastating to Normal’s small businesses.
A Ghostly Suspect
Debbie Dually is the one who informed Emma Lee that she wasn’t crazy, she was a Betweener, someone who can communicate with ghosts with the not so dearly departed. In fact, she told Emma Lee how she was the only one that could help solve their murder to help them rest in eternal peace.
This time Debbie Dually finds herself needing Emma’s help. This means solving her own murder.
Emma goes deep undercover as a fake psychic in order to see into the past and help Debbie cross over.
Return To Sender
Bernie tries to deliver a return to sender package and a certified letter to a local man and finds him dead.
When the death turns up suspicious, Bernie uses her amateur sleuthing skills along with the gossipy help of the Front Porch Ladies to cross reference who exactly in their small southern town stamped out the victim.

Grab it here for only .99!

Sneak Peek: Chapter One Outdoors, Oars, & Oaths

Chapter One

“Maybelline, Maybelline. You in there?” Y’all, I heard this whisper, but it was three in the morning, and I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming it. I definitely could’ve been dreaming it.

“Maybelline!” This time I knew I hadn’t dreamed it because the whisper was louder and there was a little knock on the camper bedroom window. Plus, Fifi, my toy Poodle, had jumped up to her feet and was yipping at the noise.

“Git up if you’re in there.”

Yep. That’s when I knew it was Dottie Swaggert, the manager of Happy Trails Campground.

I reached over and pulled back the curtain from the small window above my head to peek out and let her know to come around to the door.

Like most campgrounds, there was very little light due to the nature of why people came to campgrounds. To have the experience of camping and getting away from city life were the reasons in most cases. This particular night, there was a full moon, and it shined down on Dottie like a beacon.

Her hot-pink sponge curlers glistened like a tiara around and all over her hair. Her nose curled and her top lip turned up when she squinted to make out my gesture.

“Whut?” Her country accent made me smile as I threw back the bedsheet and slipped my feet into my slippers before I walked down the short hallway in my campervan. I unlocked the door, though Dottie was already grabbing the handle to get inside.

If y’all knew anything about a camper door, they don’t have the most sturdy handles and probably could be plucked open with a good tug even when they were locked.

“Maybelline, it ain’t you in there.” She shook one of them old metal fingernail files at me.

“What?” I wasn’t able to follow along. “What is wrong? It’s three in the morning.”

“There’s someone in the storage unit.” She heaved, out of breath. “And it ain’t no critter.” She answered my next thought before I could formulate it and get it out. “I heard the doors going up. I’m telling you, someone is breaking in again. Where’s Hank? Maybelline?”

“I’m thinking.” My mind was jumbled. I’d been shuffling my boyfriend and current sheriff around campers since he’d had to haul his out of the campground to get some work done on it.

Happy Trails Campground wasn’t just for people who owned campers for vacation. I also had permanent campers where people lived.

“He’s in the can-ham with the orange stripes.” I grabbed the old boots I kept by the door and hopped down the campervan step on one foot while managing to slip the other foot in the boot. “Go get Hank.” I looked back at Dottie and grabbed the oar lying up against the picnic table located underneath the pulled-out awning.

With my hands tight around the oar, I darted off into the darkness. It would have been awesome to say that I let the light of the moon and stars guide me to the front of the campground where the storage units were located, but that’d be what we called a little white lie.

The adrenaline pumping through my veins was what had my feet moving as fast as a June bug up the gravel road. My eyes were laser focused on the small metal building that had very few storage units, which were mainly taken up by the folks who rented a camper lot year-round.

“I’ll be darned if I let you rummage through my things again!” If anyone knew me, I was not real good at containing my anger when it came to being, well, screwed over. I generally didn’t like to use such language, but I could feel it. I could feel the anger. I could feel the devil bubbling up in me and about to explode, and a giant-sized hissy fit was about to be unleased on whoever it was in my storage unit again.

As I got closer, the light of the moon started to dim. Rain was coming, and it was in the forecast. The clouds were moving in and fast, which meant I had to really high-tail it up to the storage unit.

My speed picked up, and so did the sound of someone moving around in one of the units. My unit.

“I’ve been waiting to get my hands on you!” I yelled and jumped around the side of my unit and swung as hard as I could, making contact with someone.

“Omph,” the shadowy figure groaned.

“And here’s one to grown on!” I whacked them again for good measure until Hank got there.

The person lay in a lump among some of my old clothes, which were really the only things in the unit. Things I honestly had no need for, but they were mine. Whoever this was trying to get my things had no right to them unless they asked. Last time I checked, no one asked me if they could break the lock of my storage unit, again, and rummage through my things.

“Mae, get back!” Hank’s footsteps were heavy as he approached. His arms were locked straight out, and he gripped his gun in his hands, aimed and ready to fire. “Get back!”

I took a step back with my oar up in the air.

“I got whoever that is good with my oar.” I shook it in the air victoriously.

“This is the sheriff. I have a gun pointed on you. Don’t move.” Hank dropped one hand from the gun as he continued to point it toward the subject.

He pointed to me.

“Flip on the light.” His finger gestured over to the dangling ball chain in the middle of the storage unit. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot you.”

Hank was giving the lump on the floor the orders, but the person didn’t move.

“I think you knocked ’em out cold.” Dottie Swaggert had joined us.

“Dottie, I told you to stay put.” Hank was so good at giving orders.

“I didn’t listen.” She was onery at best and didn’t listen to no one, not even me, her boss.

With one eye on the dark lump, my feet crossed one over the other sideways until I reached the light and flipped it on.

“Where’s my diamond?” The person rolled over on his back, his arms wrapped around himself. He winced in pain. “I need my diamond.”

“Stanley?” You could’ve knocked all my teeth out, and I wouldn’t’ve been as shocked as I was this very moment


Oh my goodness! Mae is kicking some youknowhat!!! What do you think about the sneak peek? Let me know!

Grab your preorder today!

Southern Magical Bakery Update

Hey y’all!! It’s time for me to let y’all know about the plans with the Southern Magical Bakery series.

The series is based on Lo Heal-Park. She is the adult daughter of June Heal and Oscar Park from the Magical Cures Cozy Mystery Series. Lo is unable to live in Whispering Falls because she’s not a spiritualist, which is a village rule. She did find a wonderful talent! She took her job as an employee at Wicked Good Bakery very serious and became an excellent baker.

She was given special classes at UnHidden Hall A Spiritualist University since she’s not able to take the usual classes offered there to witches and wizards so she did graduate with a culinary arts degree.

Lo has gotten approval from The Mary’s and the Village Council to move out of Whispering Falls and start a life of her own where she will open her own bakery in a mortal town.

Characters from the Magical Cures Series will be going to visit Lo and help her out since Lo will have no choice but to scratch her nosy side by learning to become an amateur sleuth in this fun baking cozy mystery.

Here is where you will be able to read this episodic culinary cozy mystery. I’m going to be publishing the episodes on Patreon and on Kindle Vella.

I’d already planned to write this in episodic form on my website until Amazon asked if I would interested in joining them on a new adventure – Vella.

You can check out what Vella

Kindle Vella is a paid per episode. Each one of the daily episodes in the Southern Magical Bakery will cost about 9-11 tokens.

Yes. Tokens. Some of y’all may be familiar with tokens in your phone or ipad games or even your grandchildren games.
In Vella here is the token breakdown:
140 tokens – $1.99
368 tokens – $4.99
770 tokens – $9.99

So a month worth of episodes for Southern Magical Bakery will cost you about 300 tokens a month and the full mystery won’t wrap up until December. So that’s 300 tokens a month until December. BUT….

With Kindle Vella, I’m able to offer the story on their new platform and also on my Cozy Krew Patreon Group.

What is Patreon and why do I have to pay you ask? Patreon is a special group of readers who want ALL THINGS books. They get over 17 days of extra content you don’t get anywhere else depending on the tier they join. They also get ARC copies of each book and extra character content as well as behind the scene character profiles.

Why are you doing this on Patreon? I’m not able to offer Southern Magical Bakery in Kindle Unlimited, book form, ebook form, or for free in anyway while in Kindle Vella. (YOU”RE GOING TO SEE A LOT OF AUTHORS DOING VELLA-just a side note so be prepared.)

That is why it will be on the Patreon page for y’all to enjoy for ONLY $1 a month! For ONE DOLLAR you can join my Patreon group and read the daily serial starting on July 1st!

The way I’m releasing Southern Magical Bakery isn’t about making money so do the math if you’re thinking that. $1 a month isn’t even going to buy Rowena treats. BUT it’s a way I can offer the story to those of you who LOVE the Magical Cures Cozy Mystery Series for a great price while blazing the trail for a new way to read through Kindle Vella.

I can’t wait for y’all to read it each day and excited for the new adventures of Lo Heal-Park and the amazing crossover character interaction from the Magical Cures Series.

On Friday you’re going to get a special, Patreon only, Father’s Day letter from Osar Park!
Lots of love and get excited!!!!

So if you want to join Patreon, we’d love to have you! Join the $1 tier when signing up unless you do want to get all the extra content the other tiers offer.