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Deanna Lund
“I love reading Tonya’s books. They keep me wanting to turn to next page and next page and before i know it I read whole book. Love the humor and the mystery.”

️‍♀️ “Elves, Evergreens, & Evidence” Graphics! ‍♂️

Hey there, Southern Sleuths!

I hope you’re all doing wonderfully and are as excited as I am for the upcoming release of “Elves, Evergreens, & Evidence” – Book 34 of our beloved Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery Series.

As my most dedicated supporters, I’ve created some exclusive and beautiful graphics tailored for you to show off on your social media. I’d be absolutely thrilled if you could help me spread the magic by using them. After all, when it comes to book releases, word of mouth is golden!
Why share these graphics?

By showcasing these graphics, not only will you be flaunting your elite Southern Sleuth status, but you’ll be playing an essential role in promoting the book to new and existing fans. It’s the little things like this that truly help authors like me to keep the stories you love coming.

Here’s how you can help:
Download the Exclusive Graphics
Share them on your favorite social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or even TikTok if you’re feeling adventurous!
Use the hashtag #ElvesEvergreensEvidence so we can all follow along.
Remember to tag me in your posts! @tonyakappesbooks

Encourage your friends to check out the series if they haven’t already. A new fan could be just a post away!

I can’t wait to see these graphics pop up across social media. Your continuous support has always meant the world to me. Seeing you engage, share, and even chat about the series truly warms my heart. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Happy sharing, and let’s make this release the best one yet!

With immense gratitude, Tonya




Are you ready to indulge in a sleigh-ride of suspense and festive joy? Unveil the magic of the holidays with the 25 Days of Cozy Mystery Christmas Advent Calendar, an unparalleled treasure trove designed just for you!

Imagine unwrapping a daily gift that spirals you into the heart of mystery and merriment. For just $50 — yes, you read that right — you can gift yourself a priceless Christmas experience that would typically cost $250. It’s not just a bargain; it’s a gateway to exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else.

Each day, as you peel back the veil of mystery with a new piece of exclusive content with the charming quirks of your beloved Tonya Kappes characters in mini-movies, nestled right in the comfort of your home. But that’s not all! You’ll traverse the enchanting landscapes of your favorite book series through captivating Christmas stories, exclusive to this calendar, commissioned art work, short stories only exclusive to the advent calendar, – you don’t want to miss the Christmas present exchange between the Laundry Club Ladies. AND SOOOOOO MUCH MORE!

Engage in cozy mystery Christmas games that challenge your detective prowess, send heartwarming postcards to fellow mystery lovers, and dive into a sea of content so rich, it’s like Christmas came early. And the best part? It’s all printable, on-demand, whenever you wish.

This Advent Calendar isn’t just an item; it’s a self-care ritual, a treat to your inner detective, and a celebration of your passion for cozy mysteries. Don’t let this limited offer slip through your fingers like an elusive clue.

Treat yourself. Embrace the spirit of Christmas with a gift that keeps on giving, that adds a sparkle to your festive routine, and connects you deeper with the stories and characters you cherish.

Make your December unforgettable with the 25 Days of Cozy Mystery Christmas Advent Calendar. Buy it for yourself, for it’s the season to be jolly and joyfully ensconced in the warmth of Tonya Kappes’ delightful world.

Unlock the mystery, unlock the joy. Order now and let the countdown to a captivating Christmas begin!


Important Additional Information

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of these items as digital downloads, no refunds will be accepted, so please make sure to check all images and read through descriptions carefully before making your purchase.

Copyright information: The copyright to all digital download pdf files remains with the designer, TONYA KAPPES. Files are intended for personal use by the single purchaser, and may not be copied, shared, distributed or resold.


Preparing for Winter

Happy Monday!

I’ve decided to start blogging regularly again. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and now that it’s fall in Kentucky I am spending more time at home and do what I call cocooning.

It’s something I do every year about this time. Even though our new camper has a heated underbelly and we can camp in colder temperatures, it doesn’t make it a four season camper. This causes me to stay snuggled up inside my house and really hanker down for the winter.

The winter weather in Kentucky is supposed to be snowy and colder than last year which I’m 100% down for!

According the Farmer’s Almanac it appears to be true!

Do y’all ever look at the almanac? We do in Kentucky! I love mine.

Eddy and I are watching the weather closely because we might be able to squeeze one more camping trip in December before Christmas…we will see!