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Category: Chapter One

Rangers, RVs, & Revenge : Chapter One

Chapter One “Over here! Over here!” Dottie Swaggert wildly waved her arms over her head. She jumped up from the metal fold-up lawn seat we’d brought from Happy Trails Campground. A piece of wrapped candy whizzed by our heads. Dottie scrambled around the chair, giving the kid behind us a snarl after he snatched up […]


  Chapter One “Good morning!” I greeted Betts Hager, Abby Fawn Bonds, Queenie French, and Hank Sharp as they all boarded my little camper with a level of excitement due to our new adventure. “Dottie is in Trails Coffee, grabbing us some much-needed caffeine.” Hank gave me a quick kiss before he climbed over the […]

Four Leaf Felony Chapter One -Three

  Chapter 1 “And my daughter.” Pride spilled out of the woman. Her smile, her eyes, her entire face lit up as she showed me the photos on her phone. One after the other she scrolled. “She has three little children. Let me tell you”—she put her hand on her chest—“I never thought the girl […]