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July 26, 2021

When I opened an email from a reader with the subject line GRATITUDE, I was flabbergasted she was sending me gratitude!

If you think about gratitude, what comes to your mind? I’m sure it’s different than what comes to my mind. Most readers don’t realize that you are the center of my world.
Of course I love creating all sorts of stories in my head and writing them down, but I never dreamed that anyone other than my own mother would want to read them.
It wasn’t until my husband looked at one of my favorite author’s novel did he inform me that he knew I could write one of those.
With those few words of encouragement, I began writing that night on what turned out to be a novel that would never see the light of day. Through persistence and thick skin, I finally was able to get my first novel, Carpe Bead ‘em, published.
If only one person bought that novel, I had fulfilled my dream of publishing. This made me a real author! And not only did one person buy it, over thirty-thousand copies sold in the first month Carpe Bead ‘em had been out. Quickly it shot to the bestsellers list and beyond.
I was beyond filled up with gratitude. You see, it’s not about money to me. It’s about connecting with readers and forming relationships with them. I have met my readers at conferences, for dinner, for dessert, and weekend retreats.
My gratitude is you, the reader.
You have a busy life just like me, I know~I have four teenage boys. And in today’s crazy world you take time out of your day to sit down and make time for my made up stories. This blows me away! And you make me a better writer! I write about family, love, and emotions. I take you on a journey that I hope fills you up with gratitude as much as I’m filled up by you.
What is something you are GRATEFUL for?

FREE cat adventure for FREE!

July 23, 2021


I thought it would be a lot of fun for you to have a FREE weekend with Mr. Prince Charming! He’s the adorable cat in the Magical Cures Cozy Mystery Series. A Charming Ghost is FREE this weekend and I hope you enjoy your visit with the fur baby on his adventure to keep June Heal safe while she’s sleuthing a new murder in Whispering Falls!

Here’s the blurb:

Bubble… Bubble…
June Heal and Oscar Park are still in the honeymoon stages of their marriage. Things couldn’t be better. The Holiday Bazaar is about to bestow upon the magical village of Whispering Falls and the town is abuzz with the excitement of a spiritual carnival coming to town.

Cures and trouble…
Patience Karima has a little ghost that just won’t cross over and June has reluctantly agreed to help her figure out what the ghost is holding on to besides Patience’s pet ostrich.

Magic stirs…
After the head of the spiritual carnival is found dead with one of June’s potions in his clutches, The Elders place June on village arrest until they can clear her name from murder.

And troubles double…

With the help of her familiars and one particular little ghost, June uses her sleuthing skills and a little magic to try to figure out how to clear her name. One problem, she has to leave Whispering Falls to find the answers. June uncovers deep dark secrets that should be left buried and could leave Oscar a widower.


OH! Be sure you hit the share button at the bottom and let a friend know about the freebie! The best way to help your favorite authors is to share.

Remember, all books can be read as a standalone! It’s the same characters but the mystery is solved.

Happy sleuthing!

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