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Category: Exclusive Excerpt

Mini-Writer Retreat

Oh my! Look at these two! A few weeks ago my friend had gone to visit her brand new grandbaby  and I am dog sitting! Rowena was with Eddy at my sister’s and she was in hog heaven because I catch Eddy slipping her treats when my back is turned. Before I had to be […]

Fun Sneak Peek of Outdoors, Oars, & Oath

“It’s the Diamond Swamp Mob. I’m their lawyer. I owe them some money and I am using my diamond to give it to them.” “Diamond Swamp Mob?” I snickered at his lie. “You laugh now, but when I turn up dead after you don’t give me the diamond, they will come to you.” “You told […]

Handwritten Notes: Post Mortem

While I was writing Post Mortem, I was walking the golf course every morning. If you’ll remember how I took y’all on a walk a while back and it was really dark in the morning? That was when I was writing this novel in the Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery. It was the surroundings that made […]

Paddlers, Promises, & Poison Sneak Peek

    The door slowly cracked open. Ava smiled, eyes grew and she shrugged before she pushed it fully open. “Chelsea? It’s Ava Cox from across the street.” She stepped inside the two story foyer and we followed her nearly running her over as we all looked around without noticing where we were going. “My […]