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Mini-Writer Retreat

Oh my! Look at these two! A few weeks ago my friend had gone to visit her brand new grandbaby  and I am dog sitting!

Rowena was with Eddy at my sister’s and she was in hog heaven because I catch Eddy slipping her treats when my back is turned.

Before I had to be there for the week, I had made a plan. WRITER RETREAT!

I’m made the most of my time away from my sister’s house, cooking, and her dogs to use this time at my friend’s house as a writing retreat.

What exactly does that mean? Don’t I write all the time anyways?

I do! But I also have to do things like y’all daily. I cook every meal. I do all the grocery shopping. I do our laundry. I clean our little room. I take care of my sister’s dogs daily.

I write in the mornings and I do business things in the afternoon before I start cooking and then the night gets away from me.

On my retreat,  I was  able to get up, take my friend’s pups for a walk, sit down with my coffee and computer open while I’m sipping coffee on her screen porch (scream!!!!) and wrote until my pee-picking heart was content!

I got so much done. Things I’d been wanting to do but not had a chunk of time to get it all done or written. So I’m saying this was a great getaway and it was nice to be around pups.

Do you ever take a trip to just get away?

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