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Marsha Bonifant
“I enjoy reading Tonya Kappes’s books. I started reading the Kenny Lowery series, the on to Roxi and the coffeehouse, next came June Heal, then Mae and the girls at Normal campground. I haven’t been disappointed yet with any book I read.”


Ahoy, y’all! Today I’m excited to share the teasers and promotional art for my upcoming release (on April 28th)!!  I wanted them to really grab your attention. And the images and bright, bold colors aim to do that.

If you missed the post where I shared the first chapter, no worries! I’ve got you covered!

Adventure, Abduction, & Arrest

Adventure, Abduction, & Arrest is coming April 28th!

When Hank Sharpe asked me in the laundry club ladies to join him in an undercover investigation to help find a missing person, me and ladies grabbed our sleuthing notebook without hesitation.

As undercover Forest Bathing Therapist trainees we were bound and determined to find out with happened to Kyra Tenney. When we did find her body in what appeared to be an accidental forest fire, we thought we were finished with our undercover act.

Only the coroner’s report came back that our missing person had been killed before the fire.

Put on your sleuthing caps and join Mae West along with the Laundry Club Ladies as they take their investigation skills to a whole ‘nuther level! Especially after Mae finds herself in the fire!

★★Reserve your copy!★★

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