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Normal Gazette Editorial ~ Editor in Chief, Violet Rhinehammer

I shivered at the thought someone would even think that way. But I’ve learned that if I could think it, someone else had already done it. When it came to greed, money, or jealousy, people would stop at nothing. It didn’t matter about their morality.

“It has been brought to my attention from various citizens that the lines down at the courthouse for all the branches of government has been a longer wait than usual. What some considered a social hour while going to get their driver’s license renewal or sheriff’s inspection for their new vehicle, has turned into a couple of hour wait time with no socializing to be had. In fact, the growing population in Normal has the citizens concerned. One concerned citizen stated that when he approached the Mayor about what the planning and zoning was going to do about the new subdivision being built by Rod Blair or Blair Builders, the Mayor just smiled at him and told him economic growth was good for Normal.

Economic growth good for a national park? That should be the question posed to Mayor Courtney Mackenzie when in fact land development only creates more of an environmental issue when it comes to the stability of the mountains, cliffs, caves and trails the park was built around. If all of those are compromised and taken away, why would anyone want to come visit Normal for the outdoor vacation they have embraced?

These are questions we here are the Gazette are working on for you, our loyal readers of the Normal Gazette. Stay tuned. Editor in Chief, Violet Rhinehammer.”


Whooohooo!! Be sure to catch up on what Violet is doing in this week’s release of JACKETS, JACK-O-LANTERN, & JUSTICE!

I have always found secondary characters are just as important as the sleuth. The main sleuth really can’t be the quirky character for me. It’s the secondary characters I love to throw in the side of quirky.
In #acamnperandcriminalscozymystery I have a few side quirky characters!
Here is a fun character post from Channel Two’s very own Violet Rhinehammer!
Let me know in the comments one thing you LOVE about Violet for a chance to win ONE of five $5 Amazon gift cards!

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29 Comments on “Normal Gazette Editorial ~ Editor in Chief, Violet Rhinehammer

  1. She makes a good reporter. She just pushes her way through to get the story. She can be snobby but she can also work with you especially when it comes to breaking and entering!

  2. She gets her story even if she starts out in the wrong direction sometimes she always gets it right in the end. She is starting to work well with Mae and the Laundry Club Ladies which can be fun.

  3. I like her annoying doggedness when it comes to getting that story, lol. She can be a good friend, but you just don’t want to be on the receiving end of news like whenever Mae or one of her friends was a suspect.

  4. I love how she somehow always catches Mae when she’s looking like something the cat drug in! Just remember Violet Karma can be a *itch, just kidding. I love how she is so tenacious in following a story, and her use of the laundry club.

  5. Haven’t gotten far enough yet to meet her, I’m currently on Motorhomes, Maps, & Murder but I love the ladies, reminds me of a younger Steel Magnolias mixed with Fried Green Tomatoes ☕

  6. She is a big part of the community. She does know everybody. Although I love how she drives Mae and Dottie crazy.

  7. I love that she knows how to go out and get the story she is after. Everyone knows her and she seems to know everyone.

  8. At first, I didn’t like Violet. She seemed too snobby! When she wants to work with you, she becomes a great help by opening some doors. She has become a friend now!

  9. Violet is tenacious reporter and a lot of time she’s very pushy but she’s a good source of information and a good ally to have to work with.

  10. Violet Rhinehammer can be very pushy, but that can work in your favor when she is on your side. I’ll say this, she always gets to the root of the story and keeps the Normal folks (as well as the abnormal folks *_*) well informed.

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