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It’s a Booooootiful Halloween! Or….is it?? Happy Release Day!!!


Grab firewood, s’mores, and camper or tent and let’s head back to Normal, Kentucky where Mae West along with the help of her sidekicks, the Laundry Club Ladies, put on the sleuthing cap as they snoop around in another fun Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery.

You don’t want to miss Halloween at Happy Trails Campground!!
booOOOoook your stay at Happy Trails Campground, for a unique outdoor way to enjoy candy, costumes, and fall activities along with sleuthing your way through a murder!

Grab Jackets, Jack-O-Lantern, & Justice today!!!


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One Comment on “It’s a Booooootiful Halloween! Or….is it?? Happy Release Day!!!

  1. i have been purchasing you camper series books for awhile now and love the books, which I purchase through Amazon; i love real books and do not own a kindle or similar device. I have read all of the camper series books and have been looking forward to the next one. “Jackets, Jack-o-Lanterns and Justice”. However, although today is the release date, Amazon does not have the book! The only format they have is kindle. Is there another online source I can purchase this book from? thank you! – Nancy Gunsallus, 73 yearl old reader

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