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Happy Camper 🌞Wildlife, Warrants, & Weapons is here!


Happy release day for Wildlife, Warrants, & Weapons!

Southern Hospitality with a Smidgen of Homicide

It creams my corn to think I’ve been accused of murder.

I’m a handyman in the Daniel Boone National Park. My main employer is Mae West at the Happy Trails Campground.
When I got a phone call to take down some trees on this guy’s property for a side hustle, I jumped at the chance. That’s one of the biggest money making jobs around these parts.
Unfortunately I got hauled off to jail after I was accused of being part of an illegal logging crew. Simple enough, I gave Sheriff Hank Sharp the name of the man who hired me, only he was found murdered by one of my tools.
Not only am I accused of illegal logging, now I’m the number one suspect in this man’s murder.
It just creams my corn to be accused of murder.
There’s only one person I trust to get me out of this mess and that’s Maybelline West.
I’m sure she, along with her nosy friends, the Laundry Club Ladies, will snoop around to help clear my name.

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One Comment on “Happy Camper 🌞Wildlife, Warrants, & Weapons is here!

  1. There seems to be a continuity error in this book as after having coffee with Tucker in the diner Mae then goes to the milkery where she says she’s never met him before .Maybe it’s a fault in the Amazon download I have but it is a bit confusing.Just to add I love this series !

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