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Voice Memo: Post Mortem

Hey y’all!!! So every morning I walk about 45 minutes. It’s a perfect time for me to think about what I’m going to be writing that day.
Back up….
Every single day I write. Well..not Sunday. I’m not a writer who plots out everything. When I sit down to start a new mystery novel, I will know who was killed, why and by whom. From there I pretty much sit down with the main points and start to write.
When I’m finished writing for the day, I will put a page break into my document and start a few lines for the next day so I know exactly where I’m starting. Some authors go back and have to reread what they wrote the day before or they go back and edit. There’s nothing wrong with that because that’s their process.
I don’t. I like to keep going and finish the book before I go back to revisit all of it when I’m finished writing the entire thing.
So the audio attached is one particular morning when I was walking and I knew where the writing day was going to start once I sat down at the computer.
Sometimes on my walks, the scenes I need to write for the day begin to tell the story in my head. I’m a big believer that when something comes to me, that I have to either write it down or tape record it because if I don’t, my superstition is that it will float away from me and into another writer’s head.
Today I thought I’d share one of those morning audio recordings with you. Honestly, it’s hard to follow and hard to listen to me breathing as I climb all the hills I’m walking, but I thought it would be fun for y’all to step inside of my head for a little bit…it’s a strange one.
This particular voice memo is from Post Mortem and an interaction with Revonda Gail and Bernadette.

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