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Whoop whoop! Happy weekend! I’m so happy to be able to offer you this awesome book for FREE this weekend only.

Remember all my books can be read as standalones. All the series has the same characters, but the each book has a wrapped up mystery. Grab for free !

Here’s the blurb:
Bernadette Butler has a penchant for solving murders while keeping her ear low to the ground listening to gossip while on her mail carrier route.

Bernie tries to deliver a return to sender package and a certified letter to a local man and finds him dead.

When the death turns up suspicious, Bernie uses her amateur sleuthing skills along with the gossipy help of the Front Porch Ladies to cross reference who exactly in their small southern town stamped out the victim.


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Happy Sleuthing


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  1. Tonya. I just finished Digging up Dirt. I’m hungry for more kenni and Finn. I’ve read all of their books and 12 camper books and 3 Rowena books. I love your books. I want to move to Each of the locations. Visit the front porch ladies, play euchre, have a trailer next to Dottie, hug Fifi, throw a ball for Duke off course pet Rowena and sing with the sweet adelines.

  2. Me too!!! We should find a lovely place we could all move and live there in peace and fun!! We would have to make Tonya our queen!!! What do ya say, all you kappesites? ❤️

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