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A Charming Magic

Book 5 in the Magical Cures Mystery Series

Bubble, Bubble. . .
Magic is floating all around Whispering Falls. There is a new flower shop, Magical Moments, and an upcoming wedding that has the town on cloud nine.

Cures and Trouble. . .
Arabella Paxton, the owner of Magical Moments is smart, beautiful and has her eyes on Oscar Park. Not even the dark cloud looming over Whispering Falls is going to stop her from what she wants.

Magic Stirs. . .
Village President and A Charming Cure owner, June Heal, is on a mission to find out why things are dying in Whispering Falls including her relationship with Oscar Park.

And Trouble Doubles. . .
There is a perfect storm brewing and a beloved Whispering Falls resident has been poisoned from a potion bought at A Charming Cure. June Heal has to use all her sleuthing skills and a little bit of magic to not only clear her name but help Oscar remember that she is the love of his life.

A Charming Magic


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Chapter One
“Today is the day!” Chandra Shango shouted over to me when I walked out of the door of my homeopathic cure shop, A Charming Cure. The morning sun sprayed down exposing the dew drops on the Drowsy Daisies and Moonflower petals that had already opened up to let the bit of vitamin D put more pep in the more-than-colorful flowers.

“It is.” I stopped and smiled watching Chandra go down the row of flower boxes underneath the windows of her shop, A Cleansing Spirit Spa, wiping off the dots of water on each and every single petal, adjusting her orange turban with each step she took.

My charm bracelet jingled when I flung my bag over my shoulder and gripped a good luck mojo bag in my hand. The welcome sounds from my bracelet gave me peace to know that I was safe and sound, not to mention that I was well looked after by Mr. Prince Charming, my fairy-god cat.

Meow. Purr. Mr. Prince Charming stood next to me slowly waging his long white tail in the air.

I looked up and down Main Street in Whispering Falls, Kentucky. The carriage lights lined the magical street showcasing all the beautiful ornamental gates leading up to the coziest shops this side of the Mississippi, adding to how enchanting the town was.

“Let’s go,” I said.

Meow, meow. Mr. Prince Charming darted out from under my feet and through the wisteria vine covering the path in front of my shop. The purple flowers overflowed and jumped out of the path of feet and other invading critters.

“Thank you.” I watched my footing making sure I didn’t step on any of the vine.

“Well, well. Aren’t you just the best Village President?” Petunia Shrubwood had bent down to pet Mr. Prince Charming while he did his signature figure eights around her ankles. He loved a good scratch and ankles were his choice of pleasure. “I see you have a mojo bag,” she pointed.

“I have yet to meet our new neighbor.” I glanced over my right shoulder where Magical Moments, the new shop, was located. It wasn’t just any new shop. It was a flower shop. “I’m going to take over a few good luck charms and introduce myself.”

Petunia grabbed a stick off the ground before she stood up and tugged the crease out of her A-framed black skirt with bright yellow polka dots all over it.

“No one has seen the new owner since they put these things up so fast.” She put the stick in her messy up-do, referring to how fast shops seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Chirp, chirp. A couple of birds flew out the back of her hair allowing her to push the stick in even further.

“The Marys are fast,” I referred to the Order of Elders of the Spiritualist community, Mary Lynn, Mary Ellen, and Mary Sue. Affectionately known as the Marys.

The Order of Elders was made up of past Village Presidents from other spiritual communities. They were in charge of all of the villages, including new shops. As the Whispering Falls Village President, my only duties consisted of making sure the rules were followed and peace was kept within the community. So far, so good. At least for the past six months.

“I guess it went up overnight.” I looked over at the charming new shop. The front gate looked like long-stemmed flowers with the blossoms on the top. Perfect for a florist.

“Overnight?” Petunia laughed. “I had late tea with Gerald at The Gathering Grove last night.” She blushed. “I guess you could say early morning tea.” She looked away obviously remembering her time with her long-time boyfriend, Gerald Regiula, who owned The Gathering Grove Tea Shoppe, which was almost directly across the street from the Magical Moments. “It was not there when I came home.”

I didn’t ask what time she went home from her late night tryst and really didn’t care since my love life was dead.

“Yes.” I inhaled trying to push the thought of Oscar Park out of my head. I had a lot of work to do today and thinking about Oscar was not on that list. If it was, nothing would get done. “The Marys work fast.” I dangled the bag in the air. “I guess I will see you later.”

“I’m going with you.” She pulled a little bag out from underneath her cloak. “I have some good luck bugs to give her.”

“Bugs?” I asked. Bugs couldn’t be good for a florist, could they?

“Yes. Bugs,” was all she said. She should know since she was the owner of Glorybee Pet Shop. “These bugs keep the bad bugs out.” She beamed with pride. “At least that was what they said.” Her cheeks balled.

We walked the little distance to the front of the flower shop. We both took a deep breath. The fresh cut smell circled our heads and flew up into the air. I was sure I’d be able to get a whiff of the wonderful scents from my house which was situated on the hill right behind the florist.

Petunia Shrubwood’s spiritual gift was the ability to talk to animals while mine was the ability to create cures for all sorts of things.

I couldn’t wait to see what the new tenant’s spiritual gift was. That was what made Whispering Falls so special. Every single shop owner had an unusual spiritual gift.

Petunia’s boyfriend, Gerald, was a tea leaf reader, hence the reason he owned The Gathering Grove. Chandra was a palm reader. Her customers loved her. They were regulars, coming back for more of Chandra’s advice even though they had no idea she was a palm reader. All they knew was that Chandra was magical.

“Yes, it should be interesting to see what talent this one has.” Petunia’s eyes narrowed as she bobbled her head back and forth trying to get a look inside the gate.

“Petunia! You whoooo!” Patience Karima could be heard but not seen. The only thing we saw was the berserk giant ostrich Patience had acquired as a pet, only I think it acquired her.

The large feathery bird flew right past us with Patience dangling in the air behind the squawking creature. Eyes shut, mouth open, and hands tightly holding on to the leash.

“Help!” Patience’s voice trailed off as the bird darted out of sight.

“I guess this will have to wait.” Petunia opened her cloak and put the bag of bugs back underneath it. She waved. “I’ve already told her how to be an ostrich owner.” Petunia shook her head before heading after Patience.

The clouds parted allowing the sunlight to beam down on Whispering Falls in full force. The carriage lights clicked off. It was almost time for the shops to open.

I placed my hand on the gate of Magical Moments to open it. It was like one of those mood rings I had as a child. The iron stems turned green and the blossoms turned into every color of the rainbow, creating a little garden right there on the gate.

“Well, isn’t that cute.” My spirit filled with joy. Instantly I knew I was going to love the shop owner; they were going to fit in perfectly.


Chapter Two
“Rules, rules, rules!” A pair of thin hands shot up in the air behind a bundle of the most beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed white roses, which everyone who knew anything about magic—or roses for that matter—knew was a sign of a new beginning. The snip of scissors clicked faster and faster. Several green stems flew up in the air. I ducked when one hurtled my way. “Who can live with all these rules?”

“You need a fresh start and I stuck my neck out for you.” The small sweet voice came from the area where the stems flew up. A flash of light sailed into the air illuminating the floating woman underneath it. Her silver tight curls and fox stole resting around her neck gave me a clue who she was before she had to turn around. “Whispering Falls is a forgiving community. You will follow the rules.” She crossed her arms just like her legs were.

Ahem. I cleared my throat. Though I was the Village President, I didn’t have the right to be eavesdropping. “Welcome to Whispering Falls.” Nervously I tucked a strand of my black hair behind my ear and tugged on my long black dress. It drove me crazy when the side seams began to shift to the front of my body. “I brought you a congratulations mojo bag to welcome you to the community.”

Mary Lynn, one of the Order of Elders and the hovering spiritualist, turned her head. She smiled and uncurled her arms and legs, letting the light bring her feet to the ground. Only I couldn’t see her once she was firmly on the ground since she was only four feet tall, but I could hear the click of her pointy black shoes as she got closer to the front of the store.

There was a small creek running through the store. On each side were tiered black display tables with lines of black vases filled with all sorts of bright and colorful flowers. Darla, my mom, would have loved this shop. The owner had to be happy all the time. There was no way anyone could ever have a bad day around such amazing colors and smells. My eyes filled with amazement at all the wonderful items I could possibly use in new cures. I would definitely have to make arrangements with the owner to get fresh herbs and ingredients.

“June!” Mary Lynn turned the corner next to a small claw-foot table where there was a beautiful flower arrangement strategically placed in the center. The large glass purple vase was bigger than Mary Lynn, not to mention the bouquet reached the ceiling of the flower shop. “I’m so glad you are here.”

“Ecstatic,” a sarcastic voice was barely heard over the sound of the snipping scissors.

“It’s my pleasure.” I tilted my head to the side to see if I could get a look at the new shop owner. I held the mojo bag up while Mary Lynn wrapped her arms around my waist to give me a big hug.

She pulled back and teetered on the edge of the small creek. I pulled her closer to me and off the edge of the water.

“How are you, dear?” There was a concerned tone to her voice. The corners of her eyes dipped down on the sides.

“I’m doing okay.” I smiled trying not to cry. Mary Lynn was one of the Elders who Oscar had denounced his spiritual gift to. She was there to help pick me up when I found out. “I have come to realize Oscar will never be able to accept me as his girlfriend or remember the fact that he was truly in love with me and this life.”

“So this Oscar doesn’t have a girlfriend?” The snipping stopped. The sound of heels clicked closer and out from behind the flower arrangements on the other side of the creek.

“I…I,” I swallowed hard when the dark-haired beauty walked up. Her olive skin went perfect with her deep blue eyes and high cheek bones, making me a little envious. “I’m June Heal, the owner of A Charming Cure.” I pointed out the door. “Just next door a little bit.”

“A little bit?” Her right brow rose as though she didn’t believe me.

“Um…” I held out the mojo bag. “This is for you. It’s a mojo bag filled with good luck charms and smells.”

“As you can see,” the scissors were still in her hand and she turned to snip a flower in the flower bed that lined the creek. “I have plenty of smells to keep me happy and filled with luck. Who doesn’t love a flower shop? A magical flower shop?”

“June, this is my granddaughter, Arabella Paxton.” Mary Lynn hopped her small body over the creek, barely clearing it. She put her hands on Arabella’s arms. “She’s amazing with flowers.”

“I’m a floral designer.” Arabella’s ice blue eyes narrowed, a thin grin crossed her lips causing her already high cheekbones to be even more defined. She flung the scissors around in the air. “What was this about a girlfriend-free Oscar? I wondered what type of men were in this community. And I need a man.”

“I’m also the Village President.” I took a deep breath. Suddenly I had all sorts of confidence. There was no way this woman was going to get her flower shears on my man. Okay…technically Oscar wasn’t my man, but he was and will be…one day. “Do you have a copy of the rules of the community?”

I recalled her fussing about rules when I had walked in.

“June,” Arabella threw her head back, her long straight hair cascading down her back. Her mouth opened wide and a fit of laughter came out. “Do you honestly think I didn’t know you were standing here when my sweet dear grandmother was scolding me about the rules?” She smiled. “You underestimate me.”

Not only was she beautiful and smart, but also she was a smart aleck.

“Oh Arabella.” I was going to give it right back to her. “I don’t underestimate anyone moving into my community. I do, however, expect you to follow the rules.”

My intuition dug into my gut. Where did she come from? Why did she move here?

“You should follow your own rule of not trying to read other spiritualists,” she reminded me of Rule Number One. “Because I don’t recall me giving you permission.”

Not only did I have the spiritual gift of knowing what potions to make for any type of ailment, but I had a keen sense of intuition. But how did she know that?

“I’m sorry if you felt like I was reading you, but I was not.” My shoulders rolled back so I could gain more confidence. I held out the bag, across the creek. “I did overhear you and Mary Lynn discussing the rules when I walked in. It’s just a gentle reminder. That’s all.”

Her long lean fingers reached out and grabbed the bag. The bag fell and splashed into the water.

“Oops.” She put her hand over her mouth. “I guess I didn’t have a good grip.”

“Arabella.” Mary Lynn gasped and reached into the water to get the bag. She held it up. The wet herbs inside the bag had stained the cheese cloth bag and drips of black splattered on the floor.

“Oh Grandmother!” Arabella grabbed the bag and disappeared to where she had come from. The clunk of the bag echoed when she tossed it in the trash.

“I’m so sorry,” Mary Lynn profusely apologized. “She’s having a hard time moving here.”

“And why exactly is she here?” I asked.

“Grandmother?” Arabella’s voice had changed into a sweet voice. If I hadn’t had my interaction with her, I would have been fooled by the innocent tone. “If we are ever going to get the shop opened in five minutes, I’m going to need your help.”

“I’m sorry.” Mary Lynn wrung her hands as she shook her head. Quickly she turned and rushed back to her granddaughter.

Arabella’s head popped up above the back display shelf. Her eyes caught mine. She glared a moment too long before the evil grin crossed her face.

“Be sure to tell Oscar to stop in for a free flower.” She held up a red rose and twirled it in her fingers before she lifted it to her nose. “Oh, and I’d be more than happy to give you my leftovers for your little cure shop especially if I’m going to take your leftover.” She winked and disappeared back behind the display table, not wasting a moment to start clipping away.


Chapter Three
“My leftover?” I stomped my way out of the shop and through the gate, nearly knocking right into Petunia Shrubwood. “Oscar Park is not a leftover! Over my dead body!”

“Whoa!” Petunia stepped out of the way, the bag of bugs dangling from her wrist. Patience and her ostrich did another fly by. “First, Patience. Now you?” She shook her head.

I glared at her and stepped off the sidewalk into the street. I kept walking. My eyes set on my shop.

“Her leftovers over my dead body!” I screamed over my shoulder. “Arabella Paxton.” I curled my nose when I said her name. My hands fisted at my side. “I will just keep getting my herbs from KJ.”

Potions, bad potions, and things I could do to Arabella whirled around in my head. The wind whipped up along with my thoughts. The leaves blew up and around my body before twirling up to the sky like a tornado. KJ was the Native American I got my ingredients and herbs from when I ran out.

Beep, beep. The honking horn nearly made me jump out of my skin.

“You better get out of the way.” The window rolled down and Oscar Park popped his head out. He held up a cup of coffee. “You look like you need this!”

Relief settled in my soul and the tension left my shoulders. I didn’t need coffee. I needed him. Just looking at his bright white smile that led up to his twinkling blue eyes, made anything wrong melt away and fade off.

“Park.” My charm bracelet jingled as I pointed to a parking spot right in front of the shop. I had ten minutes before I had to open A Charming Cure, and I couldn’t think of any better way to spend it. I walked toward him.

“Yea, you definitely looked frazzled.” Oscar looked at his watch before he got out of the car. “And it’s only nine a.m.” He laughed and held out the cup of coffee from Wicked Good.

“Yum.” I could smell the delicious fresh java he had bought from the shop a couple of doors down.

Wicked Good was owned and operated by one of my dear friends, Raven Mortimer, who happened to name a homemade pastry after me, June’s Gems.

“Don’t think I forgot this too.” Oscar winked and retrieved a green and pink Wicked Good bag from the front seat of his car.

“You are a life saver.” My mouth watered at the chocolaty treat inside the bag.

“Oh dear.” The voice came from the sidewalk causing Oscar and I to look over. “I didn’t realize this was so heavy.”

Arabella stood on the sidewalk next to the most amazing flower sculpture I had ever laid eyes on. Her leg was cocked to the side and her hands were planted on her slim hips. Her long black hair flowed over her shoulder as she tilted her head as if she was confused.

Her eyes slid over to us, catching Oscar’s attention. When they made eye contact she smiled. Her eyes narrowed and she pointed to him.

“You,” her voice purred. “You look like a big strong man that can help me.”

“Of course.” Oscar wasted no time handing me his cup of coffee.

“No!” I protested while trying to juggle the cups and the bag. Oscar stopped. There was a puzzled look on his handsome tan face. “I mean, no to holding all of this.”

“I’ll be right back,” he said.

He might be right back, but his heart might not be. I lowered my eyes and glared at her. She didn’t take her eyes off of him. As a matter of fact, I swore I saw her look him up and down with a wanting look only another woman would know.

“That’s amazing.” Oscar pointed to the design.

Arabella had taken a body form and used hot pink flowers to make a flowing skirt. There were fabric butterflies strategically placed all over the bodice of the silhouette and in the flowery hair Arabella had created. It was beautiful, but I would have never told her that.

“Thank you.” Arabella dragged her long fingernail down Oscar’s muscular arm, sending my gut into a fit of rage. I knew exactly what she was trying to do. “You must be Oscar.”

Oscar blushed. I rolled my eyes.

“I’m Arabella Paxton.” She spoke loud enough for me to hear her and held her hand out for him to take.

Oscar did something I had never seen before. He took the tip of her fingers, like you would see in an old movie, bringing the back of her hand to his lips and he kissed it.

“Nice to meet you.” His country accent sent her into a fit of laughter.

“Aren’t you a true southern gentleman?” Arabella pulled her hand away and held it to her chest.

Ahem. I cleared my throat raising both my brows.

“I guess your girlfriend is summoning you so if you could help me get this up the steps and position it for the world to see and want to come in to check out our grand opening.” She turned and sashayed her way to the spot where she wanted Oscar to put the flowery arrangement.

My mouth dropped. Disgusting, I thought as I watched her butt swing side to side and Oscar’s eyes follow.

“June?” Oscar laughed. “June isn’t my girlfriend. She’s my best friend.”

“Oscar does not live in Whispering Falls!” I hollered over to Arabella so she would know he wasn’t a spiritualist. Technically he was, but now he wasn’t. No. Thanks. To. Me.

Mewl. Mr. Prince Charming shared my disgust. He stretched his paws out in front of him and shook each back leg before he darted up the steps of A Charming Cure.

“I guess you are right.” I looked over at Mr. Prince Charming. It was time to open, but if I knew Mr. Prince Charming like I knew I did, he too wasn’t happy with Arabella’s sudden need when we both knew she was capable of handling a little mannequin of flowers on her own.

“So where do you live?” Arabella’s soft sweet voice echoed down the street right into my ears. I cringed hearing her.

“Locust Grove.” Oscar was being charmed by her sudden interest. “It’s just right outside of Whispering Falls. Where are you from?”

As I walked up the steps to the shop, I glanced down sliding my eyes toward Oscar, trying to be sly like a fox, only Arabella was waiting for me to look at them.

“I’m from another spirit…” she paused and bit her lip. “I’m from up north.”

Oscar lifted the mannequin with one hand. Arabella stood behind him placing her hands on each of his shoulders as if she was steering him up the steps where she wanted the large floral arrangement to go.

“You sure have some great muscles.”

I nearly gagged hearing her flirt with him. Surely he wouldn’t fall for it and would see right through her. I put the coffees on the ground and jiggled the door handle a couple of times to prolong my painful torture of listening to Arabella try to woo Oscar. If she only knew, I laughed out loud. There was no way he was going to fall for someone like her.

“I have to stay in shape being the sheriff of Locust Grove, ya know.” Oscar sounded smitten, but there was no way. No way. There had better not be a way. My eyes narrowed.

God golly. Was he really falling for that crap Arabella was feeding him?

“Sheriff?” Arabella squealed. “I love a man in uniform.”

Oscar set the flowered mannequin exactly where she was pointing. He glanced over at me. I jerked my head to the side so he would know I was telling him to come on.

“Speaking of work.” He rubbed his hands together before he pointed over to A Charming Cure. “Nice to meet you…” He searched for her name, apparently already forgetting it.

“Arabella Paxton.” She put her hand out for him to take. Again, he did that thing where he kissed her freaking hand before he dropped it and skipped down the steps. She hollered after him, “Oscar, you are more than welcome to stop in anytime.”

“Are you kidding me?” I asked under my breath when he trotted through the gate and up the steps of A Charming Cure.

“What?” He picked up the coffees as I unlocked the door. “It took you a while to open the door,” he observed. “Or were you being nosy?”

“Me? Nosy?” I scoffed and felt for the light switch just inside the door.

Mr. Prince Charming darted into the shop once the lights illuminated the space and jumped on the counter, his favorite spot.

“Yes, nosy you,” Oscar joked and made his way back to set the coffees next to Mr. Prince Charming. “Interesting.” Oscar picked something up off the counter next to Mr. Prince Charming’s paws. “I see your crazy cat is still up to his old ways.” He held something in the air for me to see. “One of these days someone is going to catch him for stealing and he will be out of lives then.”

Oscar’s voice was white noise. My eyes zeroed in on the shiny thing dangling between his finger and thumb.

Normally I would rush around the shop and straighten the red tablecloths on all the round display tables, or refill and reposition some of the potion bottles that held my homeopathic cures, but not today.

I ran back to see exactly what Oscar had picked up. Yes. Mr. Prince Charming was good at giving me a charm. But only when there was going to be some sort of danger.

I took a deep breath and held out my hand for Oscar to drop the shiny item into it as I tried to tap into my intuition. Nothing. Nothing alarmed me that there was something bad going to happen.

Rowl! Mr. Prince Charming hopped off the counter and darted underneath one of the round display tables, nearly toppling a few of the bottles over.

It was another charm. Another charm to add to my ever-growing charm bracelet.

A dove sitting on a round thin piece of gold. The round piece looked an awful lot like a wedding ring. Wedding ring? I glanced up at Oscar. I smiled. A wedding ring.

Was it a sign? Did this have anything to do with my past history with Oscar? The romantic history he didn’t remember?

It all happened on my tenth birthday. Darla, my mom—a single mom—spent all her time running her homeopathic cure shop, A Dose of Darla, out of a booth at the Locust Grove Flea Market and she didn’t have a ton of money to spend on my birthdays. Cake, card, and a candle from the flea market was as good as I was going to get. After all, it was my tenth birthday, not some big milestone like sixteen. And the cake…it was a “manager’s special” cake that read Happy Retirement Stu. Darla didn’t bother scraping it off or pretending it wasn’t a manager’s special. Don’t get me wrong. It was a treat. Sugar snacks of any kind weren’t allowed in the Heal household except on special occasions.

It was that same day that Darla was at work and I was at home hanging out with Oscar—yes, he lived across the street. Even then I was in love with him. Like any stupid boy, he didn’t notice. Still, that day, was a day I will never forget and probably the best birthday I had ever had.

The pristine white cat jumped up on the porch wearing a worn-out collar with a turtle charm dangling off it. He had to belong to someone. A stray cat would have never been that clean, especially a white one. It looked like he was from a fairy tale, so I named him Mr. Prince Charming.

Oscar and I had spent countless hours trying to find Mr. Prince Charming’s owner, but no one claimed him.

To beat the band, no one but Oscar knew that I had prayed so hard for a charm bracelet from Darla. There was a girl at school who had one. Every time I heard the jingle of her charms when she raised her hand and saw the beautiful silver slither down her small wrist, I grew green with envy. After school I would check my face in the mirror to make sure I wasn’t green. I was so envious.

Oscar had even given me his mom’s old bracelet for a birthday gift. It was the only thing he had left of her. Oscar’s parents had died in a car wreck, leaving him orphaned like me.

Technically I wasn’t orphaned because I had my mom, but she worked so much, it was like I was orphaned.

Anyway, since no one had claimed Mr. Prince Charming, I knew he was mine and so was that turtle charm. Oscar fastened the charm on his mom’s bracelet with a bread tie and put it on my wrist. It was the best birthday ever, until every year after Mr. Prince Charming always brought me a charm to add to my bracelet. It was like he was magical.

It wasn’t until I grew up and moved to Whispering Falls did I realize Mr. Prince Charming was in fact magical. Sort of. He was sent by the Whispering Falls Village Council to keep an eye on me. After all, I was a spiritualist and didn’t know it. So the charms he gave me were protective charms.

Now when he gives me a protective charm, it’s a good indication that something was going to go haywire. This was no ordinary charm. It was a wedding ring with a dove.

“June? Earth to June?” Oscar waved half of a June’s Gem underneath my nose. I blinked, bringing myself back to the present where I now lived in Whispering Falls after finding out I was from a spiritualist family with an uncanny talent of being able to concoct crazy ingredients to heal people, not to mention my talent of an amazing intuition.

Oscar too moved to Whispering Falls the same time I did after taking the open sheriff’s position, but denounced his wizardry talents when I got myself into a little hot water and the only way he could help me was to denounce his gift, leaving him with no memory what-so-ever of spiritual nature or more importantly, when he told me he loved me.

“I…,” I stuttered and held the charm closer to my eyes. “I don’t think this is like any of the other charms he has given me.”

Slowly my eyes moved to the bottom of the table where Mr. Prince Charming’s tail swept the floor in a back-and-forth motion. It was true. Mr. Prince Charming and Oscar had never been the best of friends. Even after eighteen years of being around each other.

My breath quickened. My eyes widened.

“Are you okay?” Oscar asked taking another bite out of the chocolaty treat. “All of the sudden you got pale.” He stuffed the rest in his mouth. “You aren’t going to faint, are you?” he asked with a mouthful.

“No.” I smiled. Images of me in a wedding gown made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. “Far from it.”

Meow. Mr. Prince Charming peeked his head out from underneath the tablecloth.

Yes. A wedding ring. No wonder Mr. Prince Charming was mad. Oscar and I were going to finally be getting together. Especially now after Oscar finally accepted he was a spiritualist.

Eloise Sandlewood, Oscar’s aunt and a local in Whispering Falls, and I told Oscar about his memory loss. We left out the part about our romance because I wanted him to fall back in love with me, not feel he was obligated. He was upset at first, but he has grown to accept it and that I too was a spiritualist. Luckily it didn’t hurt our friendship.

Like I said, Mr. Prince Charming was a little jealous of my relationship with Oscar, which led me to believe the charm was a protection charm for marriage. After all, Mr. Prince Charming was my fairy-god cat and he was not allowed to discriminate on who or what he protected me from, even if his judgment was off, way off, on this one.

end of excerpt

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