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Local Heroine Roxy Brews Up Justice: The Bean Hive’s Role in Unmasking Mangus Manor Mystery

Enjoy this interview with Roxy and a local reporter! And  your special recipe just for Bean Hive customers.


Reporter: Hi Roxy! I recognize you from the newspaper. Can I ask you some questions about your involvement in solving the murder of Mangus?
Roxy: Of course! I’d be happy to answer any questions.
Reporter: How did you first get involved in the murder investigation?
Roxy: It all started when I found Magnus at Hollow Manor when he was murdered. My Aunt Maxi and I felt compelled to investigate when we discovered connections to Honey Spring’s past and some odd occurrences around too.
Reporter:: Were you ever scared during the investigation?
Roxy: Absolutely, there were some intense and frightening moments, especially near the end. But the need to find the truth kept me going.
Reporter:What was it like working with Victor the Victorious?
Roxy: Victor was incredibly supportive and talented. His magical abilities and insights were invaluable to the investigation.
Reporter: What’s your favorite coffee to serve at the Bean Hive?
Roxy: I love our signature Honey Nut Latte. It’s a customer favorite too!
Reporter: I’ve heard you have adoption dogs in your coffee shop. Tell me about it.
Roxy: Yes, we partner with a local shelter to feature adoptable dogs at the Bean Hive. It’s a way to provide exposure for these lovable pups and find them forever homes.
Reporter: How do you come up with the names for your coffee drinks?
Roxy: Naming coffee drinks is a fun and creative process. We often think about the flavors and themes that best represent our community and the season.
Reporter: How has the Bean Hive changed since the murder was solved?
Roxy: The Bean Hive has become a place of community and connection, even more so after the investigation. Many people come here to discuss the mystery and share their thoughts.
Reporter: Will the Bean Hive supply coffee for the new Mangus Manor restaurant?
Roxy: Yes! We’re excited to be a part of Mangus Manor and provide our coffee for the diners.
Reporter:: Do you plan to investigate any more mysteries?
Roxy: I never planned to become a sleuth, but life has a way of surprising you. Who knows what the future holds?
Reporter: What’s your advice for aspiring coffee shop owners?
Roxy: Passion and perseverance are key. Loving what you do makes all the hard work worth it.
Reporter: How do you balance running a coffee shop and solving mysteries?
Roxy: It’s a juggling act! But having a supportive team at the Bean Hive and a curious mind helps a lot.
Reporter: What’s your favorite memory from the investigation?
Roxy: My favorite memory is probably the moment we unveiled the Mangus Auditorium. It was a culmination of our hard work and a tribute to Mangus’s legacy.
Reporter: What’s next for Roxy and the Bean Hive?
Roxy: Continuing to serve our community, fostering connections, and embracing whatever adventures come!

Have you caught up on the series? 

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