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Pour-Over Predicament: Graphics and Teasers

Dear Friends and Fellow Mystery Enthusiasts,

I am thrilled to share that the moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating is almost upon us—the release of our latest page-turning adventure in Honey Springs.

As we countdown to the big day, I want to extend a heartfelt invitation to join me in spreading the word about this exciting new Roxy adventure in POUR-OVER PREDICAMENT

Graphics for the grand unveiling are ready and waiting to be shared far and wide. Your social media shoutouts, your conversations with fellow readers, and your enthusiasm are the lifeblood of our community and the most powerful way to support the journey of our beloved characters.

Sharing these graphics isn’t just about promotion; it’s a way to invite others into the world we cherish—a place where mystery, charm, and the warmth of small-town intrigue blend seamlessly. Each share, each mention, each tag, and each story you tell about our series helps stitch the fabric of our community tighter and introduces new friends to the escapades within Honey Springs.

Word of mouth is a timeless tool, more potent than any advertisement—it’s personal, it’s sincere, and it’s incredibly effective. When you recommend the book to a friend, leave a review, or simply talk about your reading experience, you’re giving the highest compliment to the story and offering invaluable support to my work as an author.

THANK YOU in advance for helping me spread the word.



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