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Throwback Treat: Color Your Way into the “Killer Coffee” Series!


In celebration of the upcoming release of “Pour Over Predicament,” the latest addition to the beloved Killer Coffee Cozy Mystery Series, I have a nostalgic surprise for you all. I’m bringing back a little piece of where it all started with a throwback coloring cover page from “Cappuccino Murder,” and I invite you to add your splash of color to this Killer Coffee memory!

Get Your Coloring On with “Cappuccino Murder”

Take a stroll down memory lane with this downloadable coloring page from one of your favorite Killer Coffee mysteries. It’s not just any cover; it’s a page that invites you to engage with the series in a whole new, artistic way.

Here’s How You Can Join the Fun:
Download the throwback coloring cover page here.
Unleash your inner artist with markers, colored pencils, or even digital coloring tools.
Once you’ve created your masterpiece, snap a picture.
Send your finished artwork to me via the contact button on my website. I can’t wait to see your creativity shine!

Let’s Chat: Your Killer Coffee Memories
Which book in the Killer Coffee Cozy Mystery Series is your favorite and why?
How would you describe the perfect coffee shop atmosphere?
What colors will you choose for the “Cappuccino Murder” cover?
Your responses are not just a joy to read; they’re a part of the community we’ve built together around these books. Engage in the comments or send your answers along with your artwork.

Pour Over the Excitement
The release of “Pour Over Predicament” is just around the corner, and what better way to wait than by immersing yourself in the art and intrigue of the series? Let’s get those creative juices flowing just as smoothly as our favorite killer coffee brews.

Join the Colorful Celebration
I’m looking forward to featuring some of your colored covers on my social media and newsletters, sharing the joy and creativity of our wonderful reader community.

P.S. While you’re coloring, why not put on a pot of your favorite coffee to enjoy? It’s the perfect companion to both coloring and the anticipation of “Pour Over Predicament”!



Welcome back to Honey Springs, a town as warm and inviting as a fresh cup of coffee on a chilly morning.
Voted one of America’s best places, it’s the perfect blend of Southern charm and scenic splendor. But when a high-profile murder steeps the town in scandal, the picturesque becomes the mysterious.

Loretta Bebe—socialite, schemer, and the Southern belle of the Southern Women’s Club—is at the heart of the hullabaloo, accused of a crime that could spill the beans on her perfect life. With no one else to turn to, she calls on Roxy Bloom, the clever owner of The Bean Hive coffee shop with a knack for solving the most perplexing puzzles.

Roxy, whose legal know-how is as perceptive as her palate for espresso, finds herself brewing over clues and questioning the town’s most colorful characters. But in Honey Springs, every favor is a clue, and every sweet smile could sour to a motive.

Can Roxy filter through the lies before the true culprit grounds her investigation for good? Pour yourself a cup of intrigue with “Pour-Over Predicament” and follow Roxy as she uncovers that in Honey Springs, the truth can be as slippery as black ice.

Recipes included so you can enjoy the tastes of The Bean Hive while you lose yourself in the mystery of Honey Springs. Discover why everyone’s craving the latest installment of the Killer Coffee Mystery Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes. Get your copy today and indulge in a mystery that will perk up your senses and warm your heart!

Killer Coffee Cozy Mystery is a series about small town gossip, family, friends, and putting differences aside when troubles brews.
Do you love to read about family and friendships?
Do you enjoy holidays, festivals, and celebrations?
What about when life isn’t always rosy?
This series has all of that and more along with twisty turn mysteries that will have you rooting for the entire town of Honey Springs.


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