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YIPPEE! Surprise!! NEW release!!! THREE books!

I can’t begin how to express just how excited I am about buying my rights back to my Kenni Lowry Mystery series!

What does that even mean? It means that my publishing company, Tonya Kappes Books, has the rights and owns all of the Kenni Lowry Mystery Books. Basically, when I originally wrote them, I sold them to a publisher for a royalty rate. This meant they got most of the percentage of money and paid me a percentage. This is how publishers work.

In most cases the author gets 8% of total sales. It’s NOT much but on the other hand the publisher does all the leg work in getting them edited, book covers, a tiny bit of marketing which leaves room enough for the writer to continue to write more books. BUT in my case, there were no more contracts for the Kenni Lowry Mystery series and the publisher owned the rights to the books, the characters and storylines.

Eddy and I sat down over the past year and negotiated a deal with the publisher who owned the rights. Of course I used a high power literary attorney and did my work before I went to the publisher. Over the past couple of months the lawyer and publisher went back and forth on the contract until we were all happy with a payment and termination of the publisher owning my series.

I’m not going to say the amount because it’s confidential to the termination, but I can say that it wasn’t cheap. Now….Eddy of course knows the amount and he asked me, “why is this worth so much to you? Not that I’m questioning the amount, but do you know your why?”

I do! This series is so dear to my heart. Literally if you took a stroll through Cottonwood using a town map, you’d be walking through my hometown of Nicholasville, Kentucky. Not only that, but some characters might look or seem familiar to people I know as well as the places!

In fact, in 2016 mama and I took readers on a tour of Nicholasville and the places you’re going to visit in Cottonwood in the series. Over the next few days, I’m going to take you on that tour! Keep in mind the tour was in 2016 and I talk about preorders, release dates and the original publisher. I’m just sharing the content for you to enjoy because it’s not public anymore. Just for y’all to get a glimpse into what you’re in store for!

Regardless of whether or not you read it, I love it. I love it so much that I believe in these characters and the storyline that I am so excited to let y’all know that I’ve re-launched the first three books in the series! They released today!! And they are in Kindle Unlimited! The paperback will be here in a few weeks, but I just couldn’t wait.

Every month a new one will launch until the release of BLOWIN’ UP A MURDER, the next book in the series is to be released in April!

Mariah, my most awesome and amazing cover artist, went to work immediately on the series covers and she NAILED it with this one!

So sit back, grab you a sweet tea or hot cup of coffee (or drink of choice) and enjoy the next few days as me and mama take you on your very own personal tour of Cottonwood ( Nicholasville style!).



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6 Comments on “YIPPEE! Surprise!! NEW release!!! THREE books!

  1. I’m in the middle of reading Southern Fried and am thoroughly enjoying the series. I love the relationship between Kenni and her beloved “ghost” Poppa.

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