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Character Post: Buster, the Mail Carrier Labrador

Hello to all my fur friends and the people they own. My name is Buster. I’m a brown Lab in the Mail Carrier Cozy Mysteries written by Tonya Kappes.

I’m NOT the only fur friend in the series. I have to share the limelight with this cat named Rowena. Let me tell you how hard it is to share the limelight with a cat.

And not just any cat…she is a diva. And she thinks she’s literally the cat’s meow.

She gets a little angry while our human, Bernadette Butler is out walking her feet off by delivering the mail to all the residents in Sugar Creek Gap. But do you think that crazy cat cares….umm…no!

And the darn thing doesn’t even wait for Bernadette to come home to go potty! I wait. I wait by the door. I wait with my tail wagging by the door.

Nope. Not that cat. She literally goes to the bathroom in Bernadette’s box and then Bernadette never says a word when she has to clean it up.

But…if I have a little bit of an accident, Bernadette doesn’t look happy with me!

Do y’all have any fur brothers or sisters out there?? Tell me about them.

Have you read Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery Series? 

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2 Comments on “Character Post: Buster, the Mail Carrier Labrador

  1. Buster, you sound like the Labsolute goodest boi and since I know Labradors, I know you are. I have a Lab/Pittie mix named Pepper who runs things around here. She, too, has to deal with a seriously annoying Maine Coon cat named Bentley. You just keep up your awesomeness and try to ignore Her Divaness.

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