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Welcome to the Summer Reading Challenge


It’s here! From now until August 31, we’re going to be doing a Summer Reading Challenge!

Here’s how it works:
You earn points for reading books, entire series, leaving reviews, or recommending the Magical Cures Mystery Series on your social media channels
Any books in series you’ve already read count. Any reviews you’ve already left count.
The Reading List is here:

This is an honor system challenge. I know it’s hard to find links to reviews and things, so if you say you left a review, I’ll believe you. If you say you read a book or a whole series, I’ll believe you.
The books are either free at various times so continue to check the newsletter and in Kindle Unlimited, so it’s a great time to join that program if you don’t have it yet. The link doesn’t work for me, because I’m already a KU subscriber. You can click here for more info about joining this program:
One complaint I’ve had in the past from readers during big challenges like this is that they can’t keep track of what they have and haven’t done.

I’m just using a spreadsheet, which EVERYONE CAN SEE.

You can edit this sheet. Please be careful not to delete someone else’s entries. 🙂 I’ve put a couple of examples in the top rows for you.


Why did I pick this particular series for this year’s challenge?

I’m so excited to be writing in the Kindle Vella program for Amazon- SOUTHERN MAGICAL BAKERY COZY MYSTERY SERIES

The series is based on Lo Heal-Park. She is the adult daughter of June Heal and Oscar Park from the Magical Cures Cozy Mystery Series. Lo is unable to live in Whispering Falls because she’s not a spiritualist, which is a village rule. She did find a wonderful talent! She took her job as an employee at Wicked Good Bakery very became an excellent baker.

She was given special classes at UnHidden Hall A Spiritualist University since she’s not able to take the usual classes offered there to witches and wizards so she did graduate with a culinary arts degree.

Lo has gotten approval from The Mary’s and the Village Council to move out of Whispering Falls and start a life of her own where she will open her own bakery in a mortal town.

Characters from the Magical Cures Series will be going to visit Lo and help her out since Lo will have no choice but to scratch her nosy side by learning to become an amateur sleuth in this fun baking cozy mystery.

Here is where you will be able to read this episodic culinary cozy mystery. I’m going to be publishing the episodes here and on Kindle Vella.

I’d already planned to write this in episodic form on my website until Amazon asked if I would interested in joining them on a new adventure – Vella.

You can check out what Vella is by clicking HERE.

With Kindle Vella, I’m able to offer the story on their new platform and also here on Patreon. I’m not able to offer it in Kindle Unlimited, book form, ebook form, or for free in anyway.

That is why it will be on the Patreon page for y’all to enjoy for only $1 a month compared to buying tokens on Vella for $4.99

If you’re not a member of our Patreon page, you can check it out here.

I can’t wait for y’all to read it each day and excited for the new adventures of Lo Heal-Park and the amazing crossover character interaction from the Magical Cures Series.

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