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Click, click, click

That is the sound I hear all day long. The keys on my computer are always clicking and it’s not always about writing.

Just think back to ten years ago. Go on! Clear the cobwebs out of your brain and really dig back in there.

Think about how you communicated with people. People you didn’t even know. Didn’t even know existed!

It blows my mind how much social media has really made connections between people around the world. I love hearing stories of how adoptive siblings found each other through something as simple as Facebook. I also love how I can stay connected to my group of high school and college friends through social media since I don’t live in my home town or near my college friends.

As an author, having these social media tools have really helped me reach out and get to know y’all, my readers. Many of you have become my friends, even though we haven’t met in person.

Last year I was fortunate enough to met about one hundred of my street team members. Social media helped me recognize them right off and hug them! We had been “friends” in my head (because of social media) for so long that I was able to just pick up our conversation by asking about their family members, health issues, reading, and many things friends talk about.

I have to admit I LOVE LOVE LOVE all social media. Recently I have really gotten into Instagram!

My boys have used Instagram for a long time and leave it to me to be late to the party. Most of my readers aren’t on there yet and I post a lot of fun pictures and didn’t want them to miss out, so I attached my Instagram feed my website. It’s so cool. This lets my readers stay in the loop on Instagram without being a member of the social media.

I’m always trying to make it easier for the reader to connect with me.

Be sure to check out my Instagram or my website, while you are on my website, sign up for my newsletter and receive a free mystery ebook download! Let’s stay connected!!

What is your favorite social media tool as a reader? Why do you love it?

Leave a comment to win a print and signed copy of a signed A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery book of my choice!

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57 Comments on “Click, click, click

  1. It’s funny- I have instagram, twitter, tiktok, pinterest, but if I want to view or send a post from one of those sites, it’s usually to or from Facebook. That seems to be the hub from which the others spring forth.

  2. Mine is probably Facebook because it allows me to connect and communicate with my favorite authors easily. But I do follow on other platforms as well.

  3. I love Pinterest, although it is a complete day waster if I’m not careful. I also use Facebook of course.

  4. I mostly use Facebook. I also enjoy using many great/clever ideas! I have Twitter and Instagram as well.

  5. I am on Facebook and Instagram but FB is my main source. I use Pinterest for teaching ideas but if I start looking for personal stuff I don’t get anything done.

  6. I’m only on Facebook. It connects me with my favorite authors, my friends, and my family members. I like it because I’ve discovered so many more authors and made lots of new friends.

  7. I don’t pist on any personal pages I have for the socials I am on. I only have Facebook for a book club I am in, author pages plus a couple of dog rescues, my neighborhood HOA and puzzle groups. I
    have no followers on it with the exception of thise groups. I have Instagram Twitter and now TikTok but i never post in there either, just follow people or groups.

  8. I love Facebook because I’ve reconnected with so many friends. I know it’s not perfect, but the connections I’ve made have been so rewarding!

  9. i use fb a lot, i’m learning instagram but will stick with fb still and i have idea how to use twitter and tiktok

    1. i have idea how to use twitter and tiktok

      meant to say i have no idea how to use twitter and tiktok

  10. I love Instagram. Have Facebook to but Instagram reaches more people for me. I follow hone designers as well.

  11. I am on way too many social media sites, lol. I use them for staying up to date on what is happening with family, but also around my area. I discovered the hard way how important it is to have information available during an emergency. My main two are Facebook and Instagram. I use them for book clubs, family, crafting, cooking. So much information can be found on these sites and you make friends. What’s better than that?

  12. Facebook because I can follow my favorite authors & chat with them. Plus that’s how I find out about new authors too.

  13. I’m on Facebook and Pinterest. I don’t love Facebook, but it’s a place to easily connect with family and friends and be part of various book groups, craft groups, etc. I enjoy Pinterest, but there are some days where all I see is stuff about celebrities and other things I don’t really care about.

  14. I am on Facebook. My daughter-in-law started me there. She would post pictures of the Grandkids since we lived so far away! I really don’t use it much. I enjoy reading you emails and chats.

  15. I have an Instagram account and follow you. Sort of. I am on Facebook 99% of the time. I have a hard enough time keeping up on this

  16. I generally am on Facebook. I have accounts with many other social media sites but find I’m usually on Facebook.

  17. Happy hump day Tonya! I am in IG and it all started when my girls were
    Young and I created fake accounts to follow their antics and be sure they were safe.

  18. I am only on FB. I follow some of my favorite authors on FB. I don’t need all the other social media stuff! I think it would be way to confusing!

  19. I’ll be honest. I only have Facebook because you needed a personal account to have a business account and I had a photography business at the time. It’s the only social media I have but I do enjoy it especially for the video chat feature. I love to actually hear a person’s voice and seeing them makes it even better.

  20. Facebook connected me to the world I couldn’t hear It connected me to authors I enjoyed and after getting a cochlear implant in April I found a group that is showing me I’m not alone in my new hearing journey I heard your live videos for the first time and it was awesome

  21. I have Facebook, email and Instagram. I use the information super highway everyday for work and non work.

  22. Facebook it the only one I use all the time. Most people I know are on it and it is easy to use.

  23. I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I love connecting with family and friends through social media.

  24. Facebook is enough for me. I’ve connected with family and school friends as well as parents of my former students.

  25. I have a Facebook account and have not opened it in 4-5 years. I should delete the account but I don’t know my password and it seems like too much of a bother to create one just to delete my account. But secretly, I am afraid of getting sucked back in. Even though I hated it towards the end. Email and text messages are more my speed today.

  26. I’m not a big social media fan. I use Facebook and messenger. My granddaughter comes over and uses my phone. She put snapchat app on my phone. Love your books

  27. I love Facebook even if my experience with their “tech support “ has been much less than stellar. I don’t tweet, and I’m learning both Instagram and Snapchat. I love the ability they have for bringing people together too!

  28. Goodreads is my favorite social media tool as a reader. I not only keep up with authors, but friends, as well. I can also keep up with my crazy list of books.

  29. I love Instagram! It’s definitely my preference and I use multiple pages to keep personal stuff from the public.

  30. I have FB, Pinterest and Twitter but I’m moostly on Facebook, it has allowed me to reconnect with old friends and relatives all over the country. I’ve made some great friends all over the world. I’ve also been to connect to readers and author’s and that has been amazing to me. I’ve been recommended many authers I would never have found otherwise and how sad would it be for me to have missed all those amazing books. Love chatting with the authors and the fans, they are some pretty amazing people and I’ve been very grateful for that, they helped me keep my sanity during the pandemic.

  31. I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I’m not really a fan of them because I can get sucked in and can waste a lot of time. I usually use FB to keep up with authors.

  32. My favorite social media is Facebook. It’s easy and I don’t have a lot of time because I work long hours. So fb is the easiest and quickest to use.

  33. Tonya,has enabled my mind that is corrupted with PTST,from a tour in Vietnam many years ago. Her books gives my mind a sense of having a travel visa. When I pick up one of her books, its like boarding a plane. My mind travels to Kentucky and joins one of her adventures in her life leaving my mind at the Airport so to speak. Joining Her, living amongst Her, Family and Friends and searching for all the possible Culprits, my mind is eased by Tonya’s writings. Tonya may not realise exactly how she helps us but She does. I thank God for bringing her to us and wish Tonya a healthy life filled with much happiness and success.

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