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Function of Various Platforms And How I Use Them

I have so many different platforms that I use to connect with readers. I love them all and I think it’s because I can talk to readers on each one. Hopefully, readers feel happy and comfortable with the places where they choose to connect with me. I try to offer a variety of content. I do get questions all the time on exactly what is different about each platform, so I thought it would be fun to do a blog post here and give examples.



This is a photo of when I first started the concept of my very popular A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery Series. I knew I wanted a few women (the Laundry Club Ladies) that met in a laundromat because I think it’s funny. I centered the series around them and as you can see I wanted each one to have a job independently of each other. You can also see at the bottom of the page where I had working book titles. Book one was going to Taken to the Cleaners, but ended up being BEACHES, BUNGALOWS, & BURGLARIES.

This is an example of extra content that my avid FANS love. They also love extra bonus scenes, for instance, they are getting ready to get a scene in Hank’s point of view from a scene in the Paddlers, Promises, & Poison books that’ll be released this month.

So…if you love the extra content such as these things that includes bonus scenes, cover reveals for books that are for books in the next year which haven’t been seen and won’t be for a few months or even up for preorder for the next year, you can join our Patreon Group.


Look at that sweet Rowena!!!! This is more of a personal writing post that I post in my Facebook Cozy Krew private group that is also open to readers who are on Facebook. This Cozy Krew group will only get updates on what I’m doing daily with my books or a simple photo of Rowena. This group is also driven by Tonya Kappes Book’s fans. They are the ones who post in there and keep the conversation going between them. It’s a community where they feel free to post and talk about the books. The administrator in there is someone I do pay to keep the community going by posting questions to the group, leading the Tonya Kappes Book Club etc.

If this sounds like something you want to be part of, hop on over the join the Cozy Krew Group.


Seriously, this looks a little strange and not so professional but this is what you get when you get a recipe from me. It’s a tried and true recipe that I come up with and when I love something that tastes so good, I love to share them with readers. This is a recipe I tweaked to fit our family’s gluten free lifestyle, though each recipe has a non-gluten twist for readers not gluten free, Chicken Tamale made with cornbread. Yep…we southern’s love our cornbread.

This along with other types of more “evergreen” articles are found right here in our chit chat. Chit Chat is a feature I have here on my website. You can sign up to get an email when I post a Chit Chat which is where I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE if you would. I really would love readers to meet here because I can control what goes on here and not fear that Facebook will block me. Which if you didn’t see that Chit Chat post, you can read that here. 


Look closely! Do you see the owl? I have a story about him that you’ll ONLY get on my newsletter. Every week I have a newsletter, Tuesday Coffee Chat with Tonya, Every week you’ll get something I pour my heart and soul into to connect with readers and THIS is where I really like you to join if there is one thing on here about the various platforms, it would be to join Tuesday Coffee Chat with Tonya.

This owl is on my new land where we are building our house and let me tell you it’s a sassy owl. But those stories I give to my newsletter subscribers. Why? Because when you sign up for my newsletter, you are telling me that you want to hear from me. I am so honored by it, that I make sure I pour everything I have into this weekly chat. I say coffee chat because I get up on Tuesday, pour myself a coffee and write the newsletter that you’re going to get as soon as I’m done. I tell you a funny story or a story about my life that happened during the week leading up to the Tuesday along with a lot of photos from the event. We are having a lot of fun watching my new house being built to my children moving out on their own. So it really is a snapshot of my week outside of writing.

You also get a weekly giveaway as well as the first notices of books on sale that week and any sort of first publishing news, along with new preorders. It’s the news breaking of all things in my life and books. I do love my newsletter and when readers email me back about what I had talked about, I get really great emails back from readers. I get a lot of them and I do take time to answer each one.

This graphic is one from my Tonya Kappes Books Facebook page. It’s my business page on Facebook

I see this page as a billboard to my publishing. I have over 34k followers on there but not all 34k followers are readers or fans of my books. They might like the daily coffee posts and share them, or just there to see what’s going on, but not all of them are buying my books. I use this page as a way to help spread the word about what is on sale, upcoming, or released. I will do some funny memes on them sometimes, and used to do a lot more personal things on there before I started to organize and reuse the other platforms I’ve mentioned above. As I stated in another chit chat post, I’m trying to move away from Facebook as much as possible. BUT if this platform is best for you, I’m still there and happy to share upcoming books!


I love love love my planner and daily life in photos which is what Instagram platform I use for that. I have an entire family of planners that don’t read my books, so I love to connect with them on Instagram. I show a lot of daily life photos as well as my writing process and how I use my planner. I also have a lot of book related photos on there and really use the platform for more of a scrapbook of various things. If you love to look through photo albums- join me on Instagram.

Tell me in the comments where we connect! I’d love to know and excited to see you there! Let’s chat! Tell me 🙂

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19 Comments on “Function of Various Platforms And How I Use Them

  1. Facebook (your page and Krew), Instragram, I get your Chit-Chat but it isn’t like this one? And I thought I was on your newsletter and I’m not sure if I’m getting it. I tried to follow you everywhere but I’m not on pateron

  2. I believe I following you on everything but Instragram. I am sure that will change soon as I may need an Instragram account for my small business.

  3. Hi, I enjoy your Tuesday Chat, cozy Krew, and news letter! I love your books! I feel as if know you and you are a friend!

  4. My first contact with you was your newsletter. It’s my absolute favorite way. I also followed your Author page on Facebook and The Cozy Krew.

  5. I am a member of your Cozy Krew, follow your Tonya Kappes Book page, and receive your newsletter. I also follow you on Instagram, but since I am there to follow others and not to post pictures myself…well, I don’t get there very often.

  6. I recently signed up for Chit Chat and your newsletter. They’re so cozy and fun! I’m not on facebook anymore, but do like your posts popping into my in-box!

  7. I follow you on Facebook TKB & Krew.I get your newsletter and Chit Chat. Also follow you in your Patreon group.

  8. Facebook, Chit Chat, Newsletter…..
    You are a joy and bring hours of fun reading to my life♥️

  9. Facebook, Newsletter, Chit Chat, Pinterest, Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram Following you everywhere!

  10. I love your books and news! I follow you on Facebook Krew, Newsletter, Chit Chat, Patreon and Goodreads. I feel like I know you as a friend. Take care!

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