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Seriously…Facebook is awful + Giveaway!

Does this face look inappropriate? Look at that sweet fur baby? The book ain’t so bad either, but that face! So…this is a pup of one a member of my Advanced Reader Copy group. She sent me this photo of her sweet baby with her ARC copy of Frothy Foul Play.

It’s an adorable face and NOT spam. So when I posted it to my Facebook page, a few of my readers had went to share it, only to be blocked by Facebook citing it was spam and inappropriate.

I’m hearing more and more of this lately. In fact, in order to have a business page, like my author page on Facebook, you have to have a personal page. Now, I do have a personal page, but I don’t use it for my business. It’s there for my family and good friends, but technically it’s there for my mom! No joke. She gets on there to see what our family is up to, meaning my cousins, aunts, uncles etc.

So she uses it more than me. If I could only have the author page, I would, but here’s the gig. I watch Big Brother with my readers on a private group page. I had commented on how the girls go in the game strong, then meets the boys and loses their minds only to get defeated and sent home. WOW! Facebook shut that down fast!

So fast they put a block on my personal page and said I was a bully. It took three months for them to remove the restriction from my personal page and from then on out I knew I had to make a plan.

My plan was to get a new website, get a blog, continue to grow my newsletter Tuesday Coffee Chat with Tonya and move not only all my news and giveaways there, but to get as many of my readers off Facebook and follow me here. Facebook is so unreliable that I have a deep set fear they will just shut me down and with no one to ask for help, like they did last time, and never let me back on where I can communicate with y’all.

I do not want to wake up one day with Facebook deciding that my page is inappropriate or they just see fit that something is spam, like the cute photos above, and take down the page. Then what will we do?

I know! Follow me here! How do you do that? See that tab on the top of the page that says SUBSCRIBE? Yep. Click on that and subscribe to the CHIT CHAT, which is this blog, where I post a few times a week and host giveaways. You’ll get an email every time I post and you can comment, which I will chit chat back with you.

Also, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter where I have different content on there! I’m so happy that I had Wax design me a new website so we can gather here without worrying about whether or not we lose contact!

Let me know your thoughts and enter to win this fun swag pack to one lucky comment! Check back Friday to see if you won!

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124 Comments on “Seriously…Facebook is awful + Giveaway!

  1. I can’t believe face book they have gone crazy, I posted a picture of Chester our dog laying on the bed asleep and they removed it saying someone told them it was a bad picture Why? Love the new site and I subscribe to it. Thanks hun love your books! I’m so looking forward to Bernie next book coming out.

  2. I love this! I’m seriously over FB too, can’t stand it anymore. So glad you are keep us all in the loop here 🙂

  3. It seems I’m on Facebook only to wish people Happy Birthday lately. Instagram is my social site of choice and I get lost in YouTube world for the music.

  4. I like Facebook but apparently they act weird sometimes, especially for writers. I love swag and giveaways.

    1. I heard they were deleting giveaways too. It’s sad but glad I can have stuff here without being censored.

    1. It is awful! I’m just always looking over my shoulder then wondering if my morning coffee posts will put me in Facebook jail. I don’t like that feeling.

  5. I had the same issues with my business page when I had an “official” photography business. They also tried to say I didn’t have proper authorization to post the photos I took! Hahaha. You do you and know we’ll follow you anywhere!

  6. So sorry for the Facebook craziness you’re experiencing. The only reason I stay on Facebook is for the groups I’m in, including several adult coloring groups. Apparently now anyone who includes the brand name of a particular set of colored pencils risks getting the boot. So everyone uses abbreviations to discuss them. I won’t even try to understand.

    1. OH I love that you’re in coloring page groups. Have you downloaded any of my color pages?????

  7. Facebook has become troublesome for some. I hesitate to leave it because that’s how I keep track of friends, family, and topics that interest me. I love the “one stop shop” aspect of everything being in one place (I don’t want to have to keep up with several social media platforms). I’m sorry FB is overreaching

  8. I’m glad you are through with FB. I don’t have a FB account (Don’t trust it) and it was very hard to enter into giveaways or do anything else.

    1. I’m trusting it less and less. It’s more stressful to worry about it than be on it. I just hate losing touch with readers when we can’t be in person.

  9. FB is so random in what is blocked or not. If the political crap was blocked and only cute pics of our fur babies allowed the world would have more smiling people!!

  10. Massive numbers of people need to turn their backs on Facebook. They’re acting like they’re in charge of the world & kicking the US Constitution in the a$$. So sick of it! ‍♀️

  11. I use FB to keep up with family and friends and follow favorite authors/sites. I’m old, not tech savvy, and lose almost everything! Enjoy getting your emails!

    1. I’m old too 😉 I turn 50 next week..hahhaa! But I’m fortunate enough that I’m able to keep a text thread with my family.

  12. I’ve not had a facebook problem, but I know others have/do, A few authors/bloggers are going to MeWe.. I’m on there, but so far, I’m not a fan of it. Your site looks great. Thanks

    1. Yes. I went to MEWE as well. I’m not sure why Facebook is targeting authors but not a cute puppy photo! I’m so glad you’re here.

  13. Tonya,
    Even our church has been restricted on Facebook a couple of times. One more time and we will be off for life! It is ridiculous to say the least.

  14. Love it and will follow you everywhere lol I’m a stalker
    Seriously how could Ginger be spam.

    Love that you are posting on your blog again


  15. It’s amazing the posts they deem spam, and yet the TRUE spam posts/comments seem to make it through. And so many imposter pages, but reporting them does no good because it “doesn’t violate any rules.” Even the businesses whose name is being used inappropriately can’t do anything. Absolutely ridiculous!

    1. Very true. I’ve been hacked a few times and even have inappropriate comments on my posts. It’s terrible.

  16. All the garbage on Facebook & they say that sweet pic is spam?!? Ridiculous! I’ll follow you wherever you go (that didn’t sound creepy at all, did it? Lol)

  17. As long as I get an email notification when you post, I’m happy to connect on any site you choose. I’m

    1. YAY! If you signed up to Chit Chat, you’ll get notified. I’m generally here three days a week or more…you know me. I talk a lot!

  18. I’m OK following you on your blog. If you change sites, please keep us informed. Love reading your posts and also keep up with Rowena.

    1. You know I will. That Ro…she’s something else! Now she’s trying to escape out the door when we open it! Geez….

  19. I love this idea. I don’t always get to Facebook since I get sucked in and suddenly hours are gone. Thanks for fun.

  20. Facebook has gone crazy over their removing of posts and material that is posted. Sorry to hear that your posts have been flagged.

    1. I know. Joke. And it just wasn’t me. I had a few readers share it and they got flagged too. YUCK!

  21. Facebook a social media platform that controls too much of its subscribers lives…That sweet dogs face on the other hand can walk in and control my household any time he or she wants!

  22. FB has been a major stinker for quite sometime. I’m so glad you’re finding other ways to keep the party going! Reading party, that is!

    Thank you for thinking outside the box!

  23. I’m glad you have your very own site! Love your books! I’m now reading Frothy Foul Play.
    How is Rowena? Keeping you busy??

    1. YAY! Thank you Jane! I’m so glad you’re hanging out in Honey Springs. So fun!!!! That Ro…she’s a mess right now. She’s trying to escape out the door! I’m going to tell y’all all about it this week. Stay tuned!

  24. I have very little to do with Facebook, tired of the whole ‘big brother is watching’ vibe. Glad you’re finding ways around them!

    1. Thank you so much, Martha. I was worried I’d get a little backlash but for my sanity, I had to just switch over.

  25. Facebook has become ridiculous. I love the new website. So much better than Facebook with no fear of losing everything. Way to take charge!

  26. I don’t like FB having so much control. I’ve heard it is getting worse. I’m glad you found a new place.

  27. So glad you have this blog. Facebook is definitely unreliable. I miss so much information. Thank you for the chance to win your awesome giveaway.

  28. Kudos to you for finding a solution instead of bemoaning the problem & continuing with the same actions! What a good reason to try something new

  29. Facebook has gotten too big for it’s britches.
    I am only on Facebook because of the authors I read Arcs for.
    If they all left and used different formats, bye bye to big brother.
    I love this feature and format

  30. FB is pretty bad. I don’t really post anything on FB and use just to follow my favorite authors and I’m in hobby groups.

  31. I am on MeWe with you…..I like it but I just wish it was a little more user friendly. I seriously do enjoy no ads!!! A lot of the people I follow have been shut down on Facebook. I don’t get it. I will follow wherever you end up. ❤️

  32. I agree. I’m not a fan of Facebook and only go on if I have too. I’ve seen a saying that says “Live like you do on Facebook”. There are many people who do not do this; therefore, again, no need to go on unless I have to. You did good!!!

  33. FB is why I don’t do main stream social media.
    I’ve never had a FB account and never will.
    I follow blogs communicate through email and watch and comment on YouTube. If YT gets as bad as FB I’ll shut down that too. So sorry the treated you like that. I would love to enter your giveaway and really enjoy your books.
    God Bless You and Yours

  34. I think you’re right about Facebook. I just had a friend get a comment marked as hate language because he responded to a video I posted that was a little sexist, but in a cute way. (A”why women live longer than men” video with kids hitting each other in the face with a flip top trashcan. He said he didn’t know many dumb men and was flagged. FB needs to learn computers have no common sense. Of course, sometimes people don’t either.

  35. While getting over Covid19, Thank God I had your books to read. I was in bed for almost three weeks and I would have lost my mind not being able to go to Normal!!! Facebook is too Political and people are mean in what they write. I’m just happy reading all your books. Happy March!!!

  36. You are so right about Facebook! They restricted a post from November yesterday!! Crazy!!
    That’s one sweet puppy!
    Thanks for looking out for us

  37. I love this new website and blog. FB is really getting out of control and I don’t get on there much anymore. This will be great to keep up with you now.

  38. I am seeing a few authors not being happy with facebook. the giveaway looks fabulous. Would love to win it (along with everyone else.)

  39. Facebook is bat crap crazy, as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would say. I love the fact that you aren’t putting up with their shenanigans. Too bad Mr. Sucked very didn’t have a grandma who took a switch to his behind. It shows lol

  40. Glad you got out of Facebook jail. Love, love your books. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  41. Good news bad news it seems. Good news is this awesome giveaway, Bad news is Facebook doing some of the things it does!! Happy March!

  42. Facebook has become power drunk. The put a friend in “FB jail” for saying thank you to well wishers of all things

    Too many friends and acquaintances have had bad experiences with the platform.

  43. I’ve been in facebook jail too many times to count. So I hear ya! Usually it’s for something stupid like “liking” too many things. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be doing? Liking and commenting? Oh well!

  44. Fellow Kentuckian here on the Cumberland River in Russell County. Just recently discovered you via GOODREADS. Love your stories❤

  45. I’m ready to leave Facebook too! I’m glad there is a new way to keep up with you! Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. I totally agree with getting off Facebook. It use to be fun but not so much.
    I love your books, but I must say I haven’t read any of them. I listen to them. They are so much fun to listen to going to and from work.

  47. Facebook is terrible! I posted a “thank you for your service” on a friend’s son’s post (Army) and they shut me down. They said it did not meet community standards. How sad! Not really a community I want to belong to if we can’t be proud of our children making grown up and tough choices!

  48. Facebook has become the pits lately, I have so many friends in FB Jail. I like the thought of your Chit-Chat. You should check our MeWe too. I love your books, they have helped keep me sane during this pandemic.

  49. Thank You Tonya I receive your newsletter and FB is awful anymore Love the Post and your Chit-Chat and Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  50. I have been a newsletter subscriber for a while now. I look forward to reading them and save them for last. I get what I believe is your blog posts as well. So I can’t wait to read the serial you will be posting in July. It is already up on Amazon too. Thanks for thinking of us like you do.

  51. I use FB to keep track of my favorite authors and cross-stitch designers but am happy to use other methods to follow them. Smudge, Poppy, Winston, and Wrigley say ‘Hi’ to Rowena.

  52. I follow you here so I will always get your latest news. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I would love to win these fabulous books and the other cool items.

  53. I’ve had fun with Facebook. They blocked me for a month because I liked too many other pages. It was one of those multi author contest, I think 60 authors writing thrillers. The way to get entries was to like the pages. Another time, somebody said I wasn’t real. Got kicked off without them checking . When I finally got somebody in their customer relations department, that’s what they told me when I asked where my page went. Finally convinced them I was real, but all my posts and things were gone. Had to start over. Now I don’t do much, just family and friends and authors.

  54. Wow! I have never had problems on Facebook. That sounds like a nightmare! I don’t use it that much. Just play games and look up friends. Great contest! I love your books and looking at the covers, I don’t think I have read those particular ones. The artwork on your covers is simply divine! I like to leave mine facing out, so I can admire the art and pretty colors. Please enter me in your fun, fabulous, fantastic contest for your books and swag! Have a great day!

  55. I think I’m really going to like this place. I enjoy your newsletter, and the notes from Rowena.
    I hate to give up facebook because it’s how I keep up with friends and family as well as authors & groups. But I spend way too much time on there and really should give it up.
    Have a great March!

  56. That’s why I’m not on Facebook to much and mostly watch videos on tiktok or clapper. Love your new website. My daughter ordered me a couple of the camper series books can’t wait to get them.

  57. I haven’t been on Facebook much since November. It has taken a turn for the worse in my opinion. Not just with the content that is shared and deemed “okay” on there (though it really seems to be what is actually inappropriate) but with the way they come after people. I know many people who have been suspended or blocked and it is for things just like you have posted – things that are perfectly fine! Happy to follow along on Patreon and with your newsletters – and any other social media sites you may end up on.

  58. I had to delete Facebook entirely. There was a rash of hacks and it was just a no brainer. I will admit I really missed the authors I followed, but after a bit I am so much happier without the “scroll”.

  59. Congratulations to the winner of this epic prize! I’m not very tech savvy and have no idea where to find the winner, just to check back here… So….CONGRATULATIONS!! Woot-woot!

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