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Celebrate the New Year with Mae West! Ropes, Riddles, & Robberies is here!

Happy New Year’s Eve or even just SO LONG 2020!!!

Don’t let the door hit ya, well you know the rest. And I would go as far as saying that you feel the same way.

I know something this is going to brighten all of our moods!


It’s high time we get the answers to what really happened to Mae’s family and if it was an accident, or worse, MURDER!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I can’t wait to hear what you think.


In the meantime, I have some really fun goodies for you to celebrate release day.

Tonight at 8 p.m. EST on my FACEBOOK page, we are having a fun trivia night and release party with a ton of goodies to giveaway,including these fun stickers and coffee mugs. It’s live and I’ll be going live for an hour and announcing the prizes as we go, so be sure you set your alarm to jump on Facebook a little before 8 p.m. EST. It will be a lot of fun doing a live from the Shamper (my she-camper office).

There’s going to be some fun riddles and easy questions about the series in general. Even if you’ve not gotten Ropes, Riddles, & Robberies, don’t worry about! You’ll still know some of the answers and I’ll be picking the winners during the hour long party! So come on! Spend a little of your New Year’s eve with me. I’d love to spend it with you!

I am having too much fun making these cross stitch patterns. I really hope y’all are trying them. I’m going to learn how to cross stitch! I’ve been watching youtube videos and it doesn’t seem like it’s too toooooo hard…right?

I hope you get an opportunity to download the pattern and do a little fun! I bought a simple pattern to learn on in January. I’ll keep you posted. Grab your cross stitch here!


I also have a really fun puzzle for Ropes, Riddles, & Robberies! Be sure to try your puzzle skills here!

Be sure you check back tomorrow for a special New Year’s Day good luck recipe that has been a family favorite ’round these parts! In the meantime, go grab your copy of ROPES, RIDDLES, & ROBBERIES while we wait for the fun party to start at 8 p.m. EST!

Happy Sleuthing



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9 Comments on “Celebrate the New Year with Mae West! Ropes, Riddles, & Robberies is here!

  1. My copy downloaded to my Kindle this morning and I haven’t even started it yet. This is the book I think I have anticipated the most. I know how much of Tonya’s heart went into it.

  2. My copy was on my kindle when I woke up! Can’t wait to learn about Mae’s family! Guess how I’m spending New Year’s Eve!

  3. Congratulations on getting this book to where you needed it to be for your peace of mind!
    Happy Busy New Year!

  4. Sorry I missed all the fun earlier this evening but I’m sure it was a great success I’m glad you’re comfortable with this new mystery and I’m certain it will be received as intently as your previous hard won work. I will be looking forward to reading and enjoying “Ropes Riddles & Robberies “.I hope you’ve enjoyed NEW YEARS EVE. Kat

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