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Chapter One Reading of Dead To the Last Drop

Oh dear! Did y’all know that I read chapter one of each one of my books?

I’m excited to share those with you!

This week I’m reading Chapter One of Dead to the Last Drop.

It’s so much fun to sit in my Shamper (she-camper office) and read from my library of published cozy mysteries. Be forewarned that I’m not an expert reader, even of my own words but you might get a kick out of hearing my twangy voice. People think I’m southern, which I am, but in Kentucky we have more of a southern, hillbilly twang than a sweet southern slow drawl.

Oh! Dead to the Last Drop is also on sale this week for only .99! Be sure to tell your friends and family because my books go on sale only once a year, if that.

Grab it here!

Before you go, let me know what books you’d like me to read a chapter from.

Happy sleuthing!


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