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Tag: #cozymysteryauthor

Early Reviews Are Coming In Hot

Y’all! I’m so thrilled about the early reviews of Heavens To Bribery! It’s been a while since we have all been to visit Cottonwood and Sheriff Kenni Lowry.

I was so excited to go back and visit. It was a lot of fun jumping back into Kenni’s head.                   

It didn’t take long before she was filled with adventures and the next murder in Cottonwood.


We also left off with Finn and his big question to her ( no spoiler) but I have to say, Poppa had the correct answer at all time! So be sure to grab your copy for preorder and get ready for another adventure in Cottonwood, Kentucky! Heavens to Bribery

Have you RSVP to the wedding of the year?

Hey there, Southern Sleuths!


Do you remember the age-old tradition of friendship bracelets? Those vibrant, hand-knitted strings, exchanged with friends as symbols of loyalty, trust, and the unbreakable bond of friendship?

The history of friendship bracelets dates back to ancient times, where these colorful creations were given as tokens of affection. From Central America to the Far East, they’ve been woven with love, sealed with promise, and worn with pride. Their charm transcends generations, turning simple threads into memories that last a lifetime.

Now, how about adding a twist of mystery and wedding bells to the mix?
In “Witness, Woods, & Wedding,” the wedding of the year is here, with Mae West and Hank all set to tie the knot. Of course, this being Normal, nothing goes off without a little hiccup…or a big mystery! And guess what plays a huge role in this tale? Yes, you guessed it—friendship bracelets!

So, here’s where YOU come in! Let’s celebrate this exciting story by exchanging friendship bracelets in our cozy community.

Send me as many friendship bracelets as you want at

Author Tonya Kappes Books

PO Box 76156, Highland

Heights, Ky 41076.

For every bracelet you send, I’ll send you back a bracelet from others in our community. Let’s weave the threads of friendship and mystery together!


HEY CRAFTY CRAFTERS! Grab those needles and have some heart fun with this pattern!

Valentines cross stitch


Reading Chapter One: Vistas, Vices, & Valentines