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Get ready to pitch your tents and light the campfire for a wildly entertaining mystery with “Bonfires, Backpacks, & Brawls,” the latest page-turner in the A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery Series. When the peaceful plunk of fishing lures at Happy Trails Campground is replaced by the startling bang of gunshots, Mae West and the Laundry Club ladies gear up for their most adventurous case yet in the heart of Daniel Boone National Forest.

Imagine stumbling upon a body in the woods—only it’s not hunting season, and this isn’t a deer we’re talking about. This twist sends Mae and her gang on a trek through a forest thick with secrets, where every turn in the trail could be the clue they need or a dead end. The victim, a real outdoorsman with a complex web of connections to the wilderness, has left behind a trail as puzzling as a switchback path.

“Bonfires, Backpacks, & Brawls” isn’t just any cozy caper; it’s a romp through the great outdoors, complete with twists, turns, and Tonya Kappes’ signature dose of humor.

So, pack your sense of adventure (and maybe a flashlight) and join Mae and the gang as they navigate the wilds of human nature. “Bonfires, Backpacks, & Brawls” is more than a mystery; it’s an expedition into excitement, proving once and for all that where there’s smoke… there’s laughter, lies, and a darn good read. Catch your copy today and become a happy camper in the world of cozy mysteries!

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