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We finally got out! Work-amping season has started and I couldn’t be happier!!!

Now that we have a Class C motorhome, which is a small drivable, we don’t have to worry to much about a full hook up campsite. When we had the travel trailer, we could only hold so much weight for the truck to pull which meant not having the ability to drive with a full tank of water for us. We had the ability to do that but not the truck capacity for it.

This is why we spent a lot of time camping in campground during the spring, summer and early fall months. Now with the drivable, we are able to hold more water as well as we have a generator which makes it a lot easier for us.

We love camping and have done it a lot, but it’s the working while on the road that we love so much. I’m delighted to be able to sit outside and enjoy nature while working. It’s kinda like my inner Mae West is coming to life 🙂

I really love the bed too! That helps. Though we loved our last two campers, the bed in this one is really comfy and truly that does make a lot of difference when you need a good night sleep to work the next day. At least for me it does.

Anyways, I wanted to touch base and give you a little insight of what I’ve been up to. Next week, I’m going to tell y’all all about what a work day looks like for me while work-amping.


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P.P.S. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see me post here on the blog. I’d love to know.

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3 Comments on “Work-amping️⛰️

  1. I have never camped in my life except for one week of a spring break with my youth group. But you–and your books–make it look so fun. Seriously! I’m tempted for my husband and I to try it. Would it be totally too much to cross the country in one to see our kid the first time out?

    I’d love to see any quick tips for someone who might want to try it. Would renting or borrowing a camper be the way to start? I’d love to know how you first got started and what your set-up was. (If this has all been covered, well, never mind)

    I’d also love to know your writing routine when you are Work-amping. What does Eddie do while you guys are traveling and you’re working? Men can be a bit hiigh maintenance and distracting. Hahaha

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