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April Fool’s Alibi Sneak Peek!

What a treat!!! Here’s an awesome sneak peek into this month’s release April Fool’s Alibi!

Diffy Delk’s office was a throwback to another era, the kind of place you’d imagine a fast-talking lawyer from a bygone age might occupy. The decor was a mishmash of ostentation and practicality—brightly colored wallpaper clashed with the heavy, dark wood of the bookshelves that lined the walls, each shelf laden with thick legal tomes and odd trinkets collected over the years.

The desk, a massive, imposing piece of furniture that had surely seen better days, was the centerpiece of the chaos. It was here that the struggle seemed to have taken place, papers askew as though a storm had passed through, leaving a trail of bureaucratic debris in its wake. Amidst the disarray, a gaudy, neon-lit sign hung on the wall, the kind that promised aggressive legal representation with a side of showmanship.

Diffy himself was a character that matched his environment. His suits always looked sharp in advertisements, gleaming with the sheen of success.

In reality, they hung on his frame with the limp resignation of polyester. His receding hairline was less noticeable in the glamorized photos that adorned the walls, where he was always shown with a confident, winning smile.

But the most unusual feature of the office was Dave the rooster, perched regally behind the desk on a custom roost. Dave was more than just office decor; he was a sniffer extraordinaire, known to have a better nose than any hound at the small Holiday Junction airport. Today, however, Dave was out of his element, ruffled and clucking softly amidst the commotion, a bizarre sentinel in a scene of tragedy.

The office’s usual kitschy charm was lost in the grim reality of the morning. The deputies moved around the space with a professional detachment, yet the presence of Dave, still perched behind the desk, seemed to underscore the surreal nature of the morning’s events. This was a place where the eccentric met the everyday, where serious legal matters were dealt with a touch of the theatrical—except today, the drama was all too real.

Chief Matthew Strickland looked up when he noticed we’d entered the office.

Darren approached his father, a mix of professional determination and personal concern on his face.

I hung back, my reporter’s instincts kicking in, taking in the scene, noting every detail. The reality of the situation was setting in. This was no longer just a story for the Junction Journal. It was personal, hitting close to home in a way that none of us could have anticipated.

As Darren and Chief Strickland talked, I pulled out my notepad, beginning to jot down notes.

The mystery of Frank Mulligan’s death was just beginning to unfold, and I knew that the path to uncovering the truth would be anything but straightforward.

I lingered near the threshold, a silent observer cataloging the unraveling drama. The coroner, Curtis Robinson, was a seasoned professional, his voice steady as he dictated his initial findings into a tape recorder. I edged closer, the reporter in me hungry for the facts that would begin to piece together this grim puzzle.

“… blunt force trauma to the occipital region.” Curtis’s voice was low but clear. “The object… appears to be the broken edge of a picture frame. One of the diploma frames, to be precise. Shattered. The wound’s characteristics suggest the blow was delivered with considerable force, likely resulting in immediate unconsciousness followed by death.”

I glanced over to where he was crouched, his words painting a stark picture. The broken frame lay discarded on the ground, its glass splintered into a starburst pattern, the once-proud display of Diffy’s law degree now a silent witness to violence.

It was a bizarre and brutal use of such a personal item. I scribbled down every word, the image of the frame etched into my memory—the jagged edge that had met Frank’s head in a fatal encounter.

Curtis continued, detailing the position of the body and the state of the room, but I was fixated on the diploma frame. It was as if the very symbol of Diffy’s legal prowess had been turned against him, now a piece of evidence in a murder investigation.

As I jotted down my observations, a chilling thought crossed my mind: the murder weapon, a symbol of success and justice, now stood for something much darker.

This irony wasn’t lost on me, and I knew it wouldn’t be lost on our readers either. The case was more than a tragic death; it was a story that would shake the core of Holiday Junction. And it was my job to tell it.

The heavy air in Diffy’s office seemed to cling to us as Darren and I prepared to part ways, the gravity of the situation pulling us in separate directions. He had a somber look on his face as he headed toward the police station, the weight of his first case as a lawyer heavy on his shoulders. It was clear he was troubled by the idea of his mentor, Diffy, sitting in a cold jail cell.

“Make sure Diffy knows we’re all behind him,” I said, giving Darren’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “And that we’re going to get to the bottom of this.”

He nodded, his jaw set with determination.

“I will. And I’m going to find out exactly what happened here. Frank’s comment last night… It’s a lead we can’t ignore.”

I watched as Darren walked away before turning my attention back to my notepad. Frank’s accusations at the bar, his insinuations of Diffy’s unscrupulous legal practices—it was a thread that needed to be followed. As a journalist, I knew the importance of tracing every lead, no matter how small or convoluted it might seem.

I had to find out what legal troubles Frank had been referring to. Was there a previous case that had gone sour? Had Frank been a client, or was he just hurling baseless accusations? These questions needed answers, and it was up to me to dig them up.

With a purposeful stride, I left the office, my mind already racing through the list of contacts who might shed light on Frank Mulligan’s past dealings with Diffy Delk. The Junction Journal wasn’t just my job—it was a lifeline to the truth for the town of Holiday Junction. I’d start with the courthouse records, move on to any public filings, and talk to anyone who might have known Frank. If there was dirt to be found, I would uncover it.

The scene at Diffy’s office might have been frozen in time by the tragedy, but life outside continued to move. The town was waking up, and with it, the story was unfolding. I’d chase down the leads, follow the evidence, and write the story that needed to be told. This was just the beginning, and I was determined to see it through to the end.

April Fool’s Alibi

Mystery is Afoot in Holiday Junction!
Dive into the heart of Holiday Junction, where April Fool’s festivities are no laughing matter. Violet Rhinehammer, the sharp-witted editor of the Junction Journal, is on the scene, capturing the frolics and fun of the Fool’s Festival for the eager readers of the village. But this year, the jokes take a backseat when a chilling prophecy from a festival palm reader turns Violet’s world upside down.
Celebrations turn to suspicions at the surprise party for Violet’s boyfriend, Darren, who’s just aced the bar exam. But the night is marred by a scuffle with a notorious bar regular, leading to a series of events that even Holiday Junction’s merry traditions can’t overshadow.
As Violet juggles her reporter’s notebook with her knack for sleuthing, the festive air is shattered by a grim discovery—the body of last night’s troublemaker. With Darren’s legal eagle eyes and Violet’s determination, they delve into a mystery where everyone’s a suspect and motives are as plentiful as easter eggs hidden in the park.
“April Fool’s Alibi” is a twisty, brain-teasing cozy that will keep you guessing until the very last page. If you crave a mystery that feels like a walk through a small town filled with big secrets, hit that one-click button and join Violet in unraveling Holiday Junction’s most perplexing case yet. No gore, no foul language, just pure, captivating intrigue wrapped in the charm of the South.
Ready for a killer party? “April Fool’s Alibi” is your invitation to the sleuthing soiree of the season!

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