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Hello Cozy Mystery Lovers!

It’s finally here! Today marks the official release day of “Pour-Over Predicament,” the latest installment in the Killer Coffee Mystery Series that’s been brewing with anticipation. It’s time to steep yourself in the mysteries of Honey Springs once again, where the coffee is rich, the small-town charm is abundant, and the secrets are as deep as the bottom of a coffee cup.

Roxy’s adventures continue as she grapples with a new set of puzzles that threaten the peace of her beloved town. In “Pour-Over Predicament,” you’ll join Roxy and her lovable canine companion as they sniff out clues, serve up justice, and perhaps pour the perfect cup of joe along the way. It’s a blend of intrigue, humor, and Southern hospitality that Tonya Kappes has perfected, now ready for you to savor.

For those who have followed Roxy’s journey from the beginning, this book promises to take you on her most thrilling ride yet. And if you’re just discovering the quaint yet quirky world of Honey Springs, you’re in for a treat that’s better than a fresh batch of beignets!

This release is more than just a new chapter in the series; it’s a celebration of community, resilience, and the power of a good mystery to bring us all together. So, grab your favorite blanket, a warm cup of your preferred coffee, and settle in for a cozy reading session.

We want to hear from you too! After diving into “Pour-Over Predicament,” come back and tell us: What’s your favorite spot to curl up with a Killer Coffee Mystery? Let’s chat in the comments below and share our cozy reading nooks!

Happy Reading and Sleuthing!

Grab your copy here!

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