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New Book Release: “Sleight of Hand” – A Maisie Doss Mystery

Today, I’m thrilled to announce this month’s release of a riveting new book that’s sure to enthrall you: “Sleight of Hand.”

Join Maisie Doss, a character with a past as intriguing as the mysteries she solves, in this captivating journey through suspense, emotion, and Southern charm.

About “Sleight of Hand”

Maisie Doss, once a troublemaker in a small Kentucky town near Cincinnati, became a confidential informant for the police. Her life took a dramatic turn when her actions led a family member to jail, blurring the lines of right and wrong. Escaping to Appalachia, she hoped her past wouldn’t follow.

But as Maisie discovers a mystery intertwined with her concealed past, a detective from her old life reappears, offering an ultimatum: return to her role as a CI or face imprisonment. In this game of cat and mouse, Maisie must use her wit and sleight of hand to stay one step ahead.

Dive into the Heart of the South

“Sleight of Hand” is more than a mystery; it’s a journey into the allure of the South, where the tea is sweet, and the secrets run deep. Tonya Kappes, known for her perfect blend of Southern charm, intriguing mysteries, and humor, introduces Maisie Doss – a character that’s sure to capture your heart and tickle your funny bone.

What to Expect

Thrilling Mystery: Maisie’s story is a complex web of suspense and intrigue.
Rich Southern Setting: Experience the authentic charm of Kentucky and the secluded beauty of Appalachia.
Engaging Characters: Meet a cast of characters who bring depth, humor, and warmth to the story.
Signature Kappes Charm: Enjoy the unique blend of humor, mystery, and Southern hospitality that Tonya Kappes is celebrated for.
Early Praise for “Sleight of Hand”

“Tonya Kappes strikes again with a mesmerizing tale of mystery and redemption. ‘Sleight of Hand’ is a must-read!” – Goodreads- Amy

“Maisie Doss is a character you can’t help but root for. This book is a captivating blend of suspense and Southern charm.” – Goodreads- Pamela

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Don’t miss the book launch event on January 28th.

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Share your excitement using #SleightOfHand and #TonyaKappesBooks on social media. Let’s make “Sleight of Hand” the talk of the town!


A Note of Gratitude
Your support is invaluable. I can’t wait for you to join Maisie Doss in her thrilling adventures and hear your thoughts on this exciting new series. Happy reading, and thank you for being a part of this journey!

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