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15 years of writing….

I had posted this photo on Facebook of me exhausted and asleep! When I tell you I haven’t ever taken a vacation where I’ve not written – I mean it.

Even when I go visit my boys, I still write.

This week I’m not. I am four books ahead of schedule so I decided to take off the week from writing but not here!

Honestly it’s almost anxious for me to do so. But I am!!

We drove through the Daniel Boone national Park and it so beautiful right now

The photo on this post is me, mama, Kim and Tracy. Tracy is my sister and Kim is my cousin who is just as close to me as my sister. We grew up living next door to each other. Actually all of my family lived on the same street growing up. At home people would tell you the Lowry family travels in packs.

Anyways…her and her husband have rented a camper in the campground and so did my best friend Lisa and her husband.

We are headed to an island off the coast where my nephew lives. So we stopped halfway at a campground and we play cards and eat while watching the Bengals play football!

We will pack up from this campground and head on to the beach for a week. Lisa and her husband are already there in their rented camper and another friend of mine- Chris and Herb- from college. She and her husband rented a cabin in the campground.

It’s going to be a fun and relaxing week! I’m excited to share it with you.

What are your weekly plans?

Oh  Rowena is holding down the fort and keeping an eye on the house sitter





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One Comment on “15 years of writing….

  1. Hello Tanya; Back in our younger days our Family pretty much lived on the same road and village. We did many things together, walking, picnicking, yard saling, we even considered renting a limo zine, but that never happened. lol
    I love your stories. I am a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran and your stories take my mind to your stories and give me a respite in this crazy world we are living in. Please keep up the wonderful stories along with all your character’s which all bring amazing life to your books. much love and prayers.

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