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Your Cozy Mystery Autumn Bucket List!


I’ve got a delightful treat for all you cozy mystery aficionados out there. Fall is in full swing, and it’s the PERFECT time for a little mystery, a little magic, and a lot of memories.

I’ve crafted a special Autumn Bucket List just for you! It’s packed with 30 fabulous activities that are sure to add some mystery and charm to your season. Ready to dive in? Here are a few teasers:

Find a Halloween costume: Whether you’re channeling your inner Mae West or perhaps another favorite character from the Camper & Criminals series, get creative and prepare to dazzle everyone!
Break out your favorite boots: Cold wind? Crunchy leaves? Time to strut your stuff in those cozy, stylish boots you’ve been waiting to wear all summer.
Put candles everywhere: Imagine curling up with a good cozy mystery, surrounded by the gentle glow of candles, as the scents of cinnamon and apple fill the air. Pure bliss!
Roast pumpkin seeds: After carving your Jack-O’-Lanterns (or maybe a special design inspired by a mystery?) don’t let those seeds go to waste! A sprinkle of salt, a little roasting, and you’ve got yourself a snack fit for a detective.
Take a hayride: Think of it as a mobile reading nook. Grab your latest mystery and hop on for a scenic journey amidst the golden hues of autumn.
… and 25 more tantalizing tasks to complete!

Download the Complete Autumn Bucket List HERE

Why not add a sprinkle of mystery to each of these activities? Maybe take your new book along for the hayride, or brainstorm costume ideas inspired by your favorite cozy mystery character.

Share your progress and adventures with us right here. Bonus points for photos, especially if they’re mystery-themed!

So, which activity are you most excited about? Drop a comment below, and let’s make this autumn our most mysterious one yet!

To delightful days and cozy nights, Tonya ️‍♀️

P.S. If Rowena had her way, there’d be a “nap all day” task. She’s convinced it’s the coziest mystery of all! ❤️




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