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Divabetic late night! 

Divabetic late night!
If y’all have been with me for some time now you know I am part of a yearly online-old-time murder mystery for my dear friend Max who runs Divabetic.


A little bit of history…

In 2016 I was signing books in New York City when this feller here popped into my life! He had run an idea by me about writing an online podcast mystery theater to help spread information in a fun way about diabetes since his dear friend and GRAMMY singer Luther VanDross passed away of diabetes.

Max has made it his mission in life to educate diabetes awareness.

He had this fun idea and since I rarely shy away from anything….I agreed to help him write the script. Little did I know I’d be staring in it as myself.

Over the past 8 years Max has written six manuscripts with parts for me as well as a handful of his friends. We all get on the phone and rehearse the full year ahead of the broadcast and THEN we do it live!

The video at the top is me during a rehearsal reading my lines. Halfway through the two minute video I let y’all hear a little bit of the others on the line.

It’s really fun and I love it. A lot goes into the final production.


We’re excited to announce that we will present our 10th Annual Divabetic Mystery podcast, “Murder Plain As Vanilla”, in the fall.
Thank you for helping us pioneer new ways to educate and empower people at risk, affected by and living with diabetes in a fun, unique way. Our cast has a blast putting on these shows for you.
Here’s a quick synopsis of this year’s Mystery Podcast, “Murder Plain As Vanilla”:
When Mr. Divabetic’s arch-nemesis baking sensation Renata Whisk calls late at night, offering a chance to participate in the Visions of Vanilla baking competition, he can’t refuse. After all, it’s an invitation to compete against culinary giants Best-Selling Cookbook Author Lily Frost, Green Thumb Gourment, Hazel Honeywell, and the Cannoli Countess and, most importantly, a chance to pay back his debt owed to his mother for using her credit card at the Jersey Shore to buy kitchen equipment.
Max arrives bright and early at the historic Hedge’s Inn in East Hampton, New York, with nothing to lose. But before his hands touch a flour canister, he discovers the dead body of the competition’s sponsor, Conrad Rivera, the Vanilla King of Madagascar, lying in the Hedges Inn’s bed of roses. As luck has it, Max is the last person to see the Vanilla King alive. Soon, rumors are swirling about Max’s involvement in legendary TV Chef Sweet Sally Buttercup’s untimely demise at Central Park’s Gingerbread Man competition. To prove his innocence, he enlists his team, USA Today Best-Selling Author Tonya Kappes, health educators MaryAnn Nicolay MEd, NDTR, Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDCES, and his mother, Mama Rose Marie. But when another baker’s dead body is found near Max’s station, even his mother defers tasting his newest recipe. Could it be as lethal as a cup of kale hot cocoa?
Now, armed with only Renata Whisk’s Puffed Pastry recipe, a rolling pin, and his team’s expertise in solving murders and dispersing diabetes health information, Max has no choice but to solve the mystery or at least die trying. To win the Visions Of Vanilla grand prize, it will be a fight to the death.

.I’ll post a link for y’all to hear it live performance when the date is finalized!  I get nervous every single time!!! Below is a link to one of the productions we’d done in 2018-it’s a Christmas one and it was fun. In fact, all the older broadcasts are on their YouTube Channel.


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