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Did I go to the Taylor Swift concert???

Did I go see Taylor Swift?

NO!! Remember how I was saying we needed a name for all the upcoming fun stuff? Hence how we came up with SOUTHERN SLEUTHS!!
Well…let me tell you a little story. In 2015 I was in Chicago on stage with FIVE romance authors in a big auditorium and I was there with HarperCollins Publisher.
One of my readers ( I think is was Carrie!!) was picked to ask a question.
She said, “Tonya does so much for her readers.” Then she rattled off all the things we do in our various groups like Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, our mystery in person event, lives etc…
She followed that up by asking the other authors, “How do you connect with your readers?”
The biggest author on stage leaned forward and looked at me and said, “What are you? The Taylor Swift of Cozy Mysteries?”
I snickered and blew it off…but it stuck with me!
NOW…eight years later I still think about that moment and instead of taking it as a little bit of a dig, I’ve decided it’s now to say YES! Yes I am!!
(be sure to read Tuesday’s newsletter because I go into more detail about this story!)
What exactly does that mean? What on earth is that photo with all the friendship bracelets that just so happens to have a lot of words from A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery?
Well…I’m excited to share more with you, later. But in the meantime, I encourage you to run to the local craft store and grab some plastic beads, string them up and email me to tell me you have some because you’re going to need them when Witness, Woods, & Wedding is released!!!
In the meantime, Taylor Swift has SWIFTIES. We have SOUTHERN SLEUTHS!

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