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Fall Fun Mix Recipe

Okay! I know! I know! Candy Corn sometimes gets a bad rap. But I don’t think it should. I just so happen to LOVE the sweet candy corn against a lot of salty treats. Though I know I didn’t make up this awesome fall mix recipe, I do make it yearly because it’s easy, fun to snack on and just plain DELISH!

I hope you make it and download the attached PDF for your recipe box!

Fall Fun Mix

(Photo taken by Tonya Kappes, author of the Killer Coffee
Mystery Series where this recipe is featured.)

Two bags popped popcorn (or your choice of popcorn popped)
Pretzels sticks, I have used gluten free sticks as well as non-gluten free and both are great. But if my husband is eating the mix, I have to use gluten free. Both taste really good in the mix.
M&M’s, I use the fall mix colors to make it more festive.
Candy Corn
Mellocreme Pumpkins

Photos copyright © Tonya Kappes who writes The Killer Coffee Mysteries

Pop the popcorn and put it in the bowl you want the mix to go in.
Let the popcorn cool down because you don’t want the M & M’s to melt.
Add the pretzel sticks on top.
Add the M&M’s on top of the pretzel sticks.
Add the candy corn on top of the M&M’s.
Add the mellocreme pumpkins on top of the candy corn.
You can let the mix sit and it will magically mix on its own due to the weight or you can gently mix the ingredients together depending on the time you allowed to make the mix.

I make this during the entire months of September through Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty. My family loves it, so that’s a plus in my book! Enjoy!

Fall Fun Mix

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