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Candy Cane Cookies!!!


This is easy peasy!! Though my kiddos are grown, they still love this recipe and cookie!!
2 rolls Premade/rolled sugar cookie dough
Candy Canes (crush in a baggy)
Red Food Coloring
Preheat oven according to the dough package
1. Take one roll of dough out of the package and put it in baggy. Don’t do anything to the other roll.
2. Add the red dye to the baggy, as much red as you want-the more the deeper the color.
3. Squish the dough and red in the baggy until the dough is the red color you desire.
4. Cut (both) cookie dough roll down the middle, then cut those in half to make 4-quarters.
5. Cut the 4 quarters so you can roll each piece into small balls.
6. Use the palm of your hand to roll each ball out into a snake form.
7. Take one red snake and one white snake and carefully roll together so it looks like a candy cane.
8. Lay each candy cane on a parchment lined cookie sheet and form into a candy cane with a hook.
9. Once you have your cookie sheet lined, sprinkle with the candy cane pieces and sugar to top before placing into the oven.
10. Bake per the instructions on the dough.
Also, please send me a photo of your specially baked candy cane cookies!

If you really want to see me make them-

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