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Whoo hooo!! Doing a Zoom!


Patreons!!! Check out the page
What??? You don’t know what Patreon is or what I’m talking about??? I’d love to invite you to keep reading!
Hey! I’m Tonya Kappes, a cozy mystery author who LOVE LOVE LOVE to connect with readers!
My office is my SHAMPER, my writing she-camper. I’ll write a novel a month and publish a cozy mystery a month and guarantee you a fun time…even though it can be murder!
I sell lots of books to lots of awesome readers, so I didn’t start Patreon as a way to make piles of extra money. In fact, 10% of the Patreon’s payments go to a monthly charity!
So why am I using patreon? I’m basically using it to sell books in a way that lets me keep more of the cover price (95% instead of 35-70%) and cuts down my reliance on bookstores and publishers. Since I’m exclusive to Amazon, currently my income is 80% from them.
Since you’re a sleuther, guess what you get?
At the $1 level
If you prefer to keep buying my books from the bookstore, that’s absolutely fine. If you want, you can kick in $1 for support and to get access to the behind-the-scenes posts I share here. This extra money will go toward editing and character art costs for the free fiction I occasionally post on my blog (short stories, bonus scenes, etc.).
At the $5 level
The CLUE FINDING SLEUTH level gives you all the benefits of club level, plus:
*House updates- they got to see the inside of the house painted this week!!!!
• One eARC a year: Chose any not-yet-published Tonya Kappes book, and once a year we’ll send you an eARC (electronic advance read copy) of that book. BAM! IT’S A BOOK MIRACLE! Must be an In the Clue Finding Sleuth Patron for no less than 60 days prior to the first book releasing in any given launch and the Patron at the time the eARC is sent.
• Art and Creative downloads: We’ll have at least one digital image download a month and it might be anything from a coloring book, the already published book knitting pattern, coloring book, or wallpaper/wallpapers for your computer inspired by a current release teaser graphic-suite.
• Pattern downloads (knitting, cross-stitch, etc.): Download knitting or cross-stitch patterns! We’ll be sharing one pattern every quarter or so.
• Podcast and Audio bonuses early access: Listen to audio bonus scenes before they’re shared on retailers, as they’re created.
• Select character charts, book research, and all things in Tonya Kappes books world.
Since you guys asked for it, I’m going to start uploading some older books, too, as well as the audiobook files for the new novels when I am in a position to share them. (I can share the ones I pay to have created myself, but I don’t have the right to share the ones that are produced by my publisher.)
At the $25 level
Being in the SUPER SLEUTH means you get everything from being in the CLUE FINDING SLEUTH, PLUS!
* Monthly newsletter from Rowena (sometimes weekly depending on her mood)
*short stories from characters
*Monthly Zooms
*Monthly Q & A
• A digital / eARC of every Tonya Kappes book before publication after 2 continuous months of being an “Super Sleuth” Patron (and then for every launch thereafter with continuous patronage).
We’re limiting the number of spots at this level because the space in which the family dwells isn’t that big and we don’t want anyone to get claustrophobic…
As I write this, it’s a huge advantage to participate in Amazon’s exclusivity program, which allows books to get extra promotional benefits and be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, exclusive to Amazon.
This Patreon is a way for you to get those books even if you’re not an Amazon shopper the ARCs will go out to Patreon subscribers BEFORE they are enrolled in that exclusivity program which means I’m not breaking any rules.
How are the ebooks delivered and in what format?
I use Bookfunnel for ebook delivery. They are good about providing tech support for devices that I know nothing about, so if you have any trouble getting the ebook from Bookfunnel to your e-reader, just click the help link at the top of the page, and they will answer your questions.
I will share the link to the Bookfunnel page, and you pop on over to download it in your chosen format (.mobi for Kindles and .epub for all other e-readers). It’s pretty easy!
I would like to know what the next few books will be. What’s your publishing schedule? Most time my books go on preorder every six months so you know what books are coming to you.
How often do you publish?
I did about 13 novels last year.
Why did you start a Patreon campaign?
It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while and have seen other authors doing it as a way to connect with their RABID READERS but also a catalyst was Amazon and their exclusivity program.
Right now, Amazon is set up to give preference to books in their KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited program (more visibility and promo opportunities are given to those books and less to those not in the program), and it’s hard to compete there, especially as an indie author, with titles that aren’t exclusive.
However, I have readers on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google Play, etc., and they have made it clear that they’re not pleased when they have to buy the books on Amazon (many just won’t buy them until they’re available in their store). This is perfectly understandable.
By using Patreon to deliver ebooks early (before I officially launch and enroll them in Amazon’s exclusivity program), I can get the books out to anyone with any type of e-reader.
Further, I get 95% of the price when you buy through Patreon. On Amazon and the other stores, I get 35-70% max, depending on the price (typically even less for books that are borrowed through Kindle Unlimited). I could sell books directly from my site, but that would involve collecting sales tax (different amounts for each sale, based on the state and country where it originates), and that gets complicated. Patreon handles all that and seems like a win-win situation for me and for readers. I make more per book, and you get the books early.
Thanks for reading!

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