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Fun Sneak Peek of Outdoors, Oars, & Oath

“It’s the Diamond Swamp Mob. I’m their lawyer. I owe them some money and I am using my diamond to give it to them.”
“Diamond Swamp Mob?” I snickered at his lie.

“You laugh now, but when I turn up dead after you don’t give me the diamond, they will come to you.”

“You told the Diamond Swamp Mob boss that little ole Mae West has your diamond tucked in a plastic container in her storage bin in Happy Trails Campground?” All of this sounded just too far-fetched to me.

“Did any of the other storage units get broken into the last time or just your’s?” He asked a chilling question.

“They have people. They have ways of finding out things and I didn’t tell them I had put it there, but it only takes a few connection to track someone’s plane ticket. When they find out I flew into the Bluegrass Airport and then go back into my life where BINGO!” He clapped his hands and I jumped.

“They put two and two together. Mae West from Manhattan would’ve loved to wear a big diamond like that, but Mae West in po dunk campground would hide it.”

Oh my! Have you gotten your copy of Outdoors, Oars, & Oaths yet?


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