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Let’s Talk Book Covers

Part of being in business as an author, there are so many things to consider when looking at covers.
In the past, I’ve shown y’all how some of my covers are actually hand drawn by the artist before they turn it into the illustration, but in this case, my cover artist and I had a couple of different ideas for SCENE OF THE GRIND, the first book in the KILLER COFFEE SERIES.

I really did like the red one, but I felt like the book one needed to be the cute boardwalk. I use the setting as a character in my mysteries. That is why I had decided upon the boardwalk cover. I still love the red one, so maybe I can use it in one of the upcoming books.

SPOONFUL OF MURDER is the Christmas book for this year. It was hard for me to choose on this one because I LOVE THAT RED, but the blue toned went so well with Pepper, the dog, that I just had to pick it.
What are y’all’s thoughts on this? I’d love to know!!!

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11 Comments on “Let’s Talk Book Covers

  1. I think you choose well with the boardwalk cover instead of the red one. The red one is too edgy.
    I like both covers for your Christmas book. The red one might stand out more than the blue. Blue is cool.

  2. I think the red one is definitely Christmas looking and pretty. I think the blue one is more elegant looking.

  3. I love how the Christmas lights show up on Pepper in the blue one. I don’t notice them on the red one. It’s been hot out here so I’m tickled to be thinking Christmas!

  4. I do love the covers that you pick. The Christmas book is a great one as it is so hot here is Arizona.

  5. I love the choice for Scene of the Grind. Both of the covers for Spoonful of Murder are adorable but I’m partial to those reds and greens.

  6. You chose wisely with the first book and while I do love me some green and red for Christmas, I agree with the blue matching Pepper a little better. I like that shade of blue anyway!

  7. I love the boardwalk on Scene of the Grind. Spoonful of Murder, that’s a hard one. They are both beautiful but I enjoy the traditional holiday colors.

  8. I love the cover you chose for the Scene of the Grind. The covers for the Christmas book was so hard to choose because they are both really cute. I love blue though so I would go with that one also.

  9. I love the boardwalk cover especially for the 1st book. For the Christmas book I would think go red but the blue cover is so cute and really shows off Pepper.

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