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Sometimes I just have to…


I seem like such an extrovert and I really kinda am, but deep down in the heart of me, I’m a total introvert. I literally could live in the woods and not see a soul and be happy.

Truth is, I don’t have a lot of close friends. I have three friends I talk to. Literally. Now, I am super close to my family. My sister is the complete opposite. She loves to be surrounded by her hundreds of friends.

I’m so out of touch that I don’t even check text messages. I am not big on carrying around my phone. The people who are close to me know that if they need me, they need to call me.

I do love to connect with readers and probably because we talk about books. Now, I could talk about that all day long.

So last weekend and a couple days this week, Rowena and I headed to the camper to stay for a few alone days. She slept in all the places. She got to see a lot of the deer that roam our property and she loved hearing the birds.

We had a really nice rain storm one day and while I wrote, she snuggled up next to the window and purred.

And I also did binge watch the show Alone on my ipad on the Amazon Prime Video. OMG! Have y’all seen that show? EECK!

I have to say that I also did a few sneak peeks at the builders handy work on the house.

What about y’all? Do you need to get away sometimes?

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13 Comments on “Sometimes I just have to…

  1. I just have to go to my bedroom and close the door and lock it while my toy poodle and 1 persian kitten come and watch me carefuly. As I am usally close to tears.

  2. I’m a complete introvert. I don’t need to go anywhere, and I would be just fine with my own company. I’d want to have my dogs with me. And a limitless supply of books❣️

  3. I do self care trips every 3 to 4 months! I b Pick the location and just go away for 2 to 3 days Next location is Oklahoma!

  4. When I was a teen and I 20’s I use to love to invite friends to visit but then I would get up and disappear for few hours. They just knew I needed to be alone or I would be no fun. Apparently people drain me and being alone reboots my batteries. I come across as extrovert but am truly a introvert per all the personality tests I have taken. Well I could of told them that

    I could totally be happy on an island by myself

  5. definitely introvert. Never wanted to be the center of attention or life of the party. I’m fine staying home and reading. Can’t say I have any close friends, unless you count books!!!

  6. I was convinced that there was something wrong with me because I stay home alone so much! I am perfectly happy to sit & read (with some occasional TV thrown in) for literally hours every day. Since I retired, I really have no desire to go out. My husband is the complete opposite and I have to wonder how we ever stayed together for 45 years. When we met, I guess I was more outgoing, plus I worked full time at the hospital. As the years passed, I became more & more introverted until I finally retired after 47 years. The pandemic just brought it to a head, but I am also somewhat depressed much of the time, which is why my tendencies worried me. Apparently I am in good company!

  7. I definitely need time each day to decompress. Especially when I’m super busy at the salon or when running lots of errands- I call those my people-ing days. I love being around other people and talking and having a good laugh or whatever but inside I crave a bit of solitude. A book, a coffee, and my doggy or playing in the dort with my flowers are my favorite decompression techniques!!!

  8. Most people think I am an extrovert because I have excellent people skills. I am social and outgoing in public settings. I was an adult when I realized that I felt like I had to be “on” all the time and it was wearing me down. I have since given myself permission to embrace both sides of my personality. Fortunately, my husband understands and I have found balance. I now feel free to choose when I want to be social and when I want to just be. I spend most of my solitude time lost in a book. I am thankful to learn that I am not the only one who feels this way.

  9. I need alone time to recharge my creative batteries. Sadly, I don’t get as much as I need.

  10. Sometimes I just have to escape the world. I go camping with my dog and books in the woods and just relax with nature and read. I have a daughter and a sister I love dearly and a best friend. That’s my close circle. At work I am outgoing and very friendly if someone smiles and says hi but like you, I could be a hermit with my dog and not have an issue. Most times I feel I’m different and just don’t belong.

  11. Oh golly, I’m the same. So shy as a child hid under the kitchen table when relatives came over because it was just too many people. In school I would be so distraught when we had to read out loud I would not even hear what was happening until my turn. I had read and re-read my paragraph during that time so I could just get the words out. Like claustrophobia which I have, there is nothing wrong with being shy. If it doesn’t cripple your life. I enjoy quiet. I have no problem being alone reading with my furchild husband napping nearby

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