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Sneak Peek: Insects, Ivy, & Investigations


Cozy Mysteries aren’t supposed to have big love or romance plots in them. There is a hint of romance that can be woven in. I love to have a romance between the sleuth and her man as a subplot. So if you’ve read up to date on A Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery, you’ve met Mae West’s high school love, Kenny Jolly who is now a very successful pharmacist.

He’s back! This time he’s come to visit Mae….And y’all know that Mae has been questioning her relationship with Hank. How will this scene play out in Ivy, Insects, & Investigations?


“It’s nice what you’re doing for Bobby Ray. And Alicia.” He threw in the last part. “I guess it’s okay about Alicia.”

“Bobby Ray deserves to be happy and you met Abby. She’s great.” Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Dottie staring at us when we walked past them on the way to the office. “Alicia is another story. I’d never hear about her. I had no idea Mary Elizabeth had another foster child after I left. I just goes to show how conceited I was to even think she would.”

“Don’t talk about yourself like that.” The soft tone of his voice penetrated the darkness like a sweet melody. “You’re special. You had reason to act the way you did. You had a loving family that was taken from you. I would’ve acted the same way.”

I took my keys out of my pocket to unlock the door. He playfully kicked my shoe with his foot.

“You were perfect. You gave me a lot of fun and entertainment.” I gulped at his flirtatious tone because I knew it so well. “How’s Hank?”

“He’s good. He’s been promoted to sheriff, so he’s all over the case. He has been great about Alicia and Mary Elizabeth. Very helpful.” I blabbed on out of nervousness.

“Stop.” Kenny put his hand on my arm after we walked into the office. “I know you. Why are you so jittery around me these days?” His warm touch lingered there. “It’s me. Kenny.” He grinned. “Ever thought about leaving this behind and coming home? We were pretty good together.”

“I love it here. I have Mary Elizabeth, Bobby Ray, and Hank.” My mind started to get foggy.

He slide his hand down my arm and took my hand in his.

“I don’t see a ring on this finger.” He brought my hand up and kissed my finger.

Quickly I jerked it away when the door to the office had opened and Hank stood there.

A blank look on his face.


Be sure to grab Insects, Ivy, & Investigations!


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