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Seasons Greetings with a host of goodies from me to you! (and your friends!) + GIVEAWAY!

Seasons Greetings! I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a happy holidays!

We’ve been on a really fun journey over the last ten years and there is still so much in store for us! I’m super excited to have so many goodies to share with you today! And I beg y’all to forward this chit chat with all of your friends. It’s got so many free goodies that will not only be fun to have, but helps us escape into our favorite coffeehouse, The Bean Hive!

I’m also super excited about the new book in the series that’ll be out in just a few months and hopefully have a preorder link up soon! In the meantime, enjoy this little guest post from Pepper and enjoy your freebies below!


This is my first Christmas in Honey Springs (because I just moved here) and I have to say that I’m very excited about participating in all the annual activities, not only personally but also professionally.
I entered Pepper into the Christmas Pawrade and so excited to see how cute he’s going to look in his new sweater I got him from WALK IN THE BARK ANIMAL BOUTIQUE.


Everyone I know with a furry friend will be there too. We get to walk around the town square before the annual Christmas Tree lighting where my fiance, Patrick Cane, is going to be playing Santa for all the little ones. Plus I opened up a pop-up shop in the makeshift Christmas town the committee had made in the town square.
Everyone in Honey Springs will be there along with many tourist who have come to love our small southern town all year long and not just during the summer months. The tourist committee has really worked hard to get the stigma of a “lake town” out of the minds of the tourists. Honey Springs has something every season to offer everyone.
I’m looking forward to seeing all the merchants I share the newly renovated boardwalk with. Especially Otis Peavler. He owns the tattoo parlor, Odd Ink. It’s next door to my coffeehouse, THE BEAN HIVE, and he’s been very quiet lately. I sure hope he’s not getting ill. He’s up there in age and still pretty active, but I guess I just worry about him. After all, I’d heard he’d made a few people mad recently. But that’s just hearsay and around here the gossip is as hot as the coffee….if you know what I mean.


Anyways….Do you have any holiday traditions that you love? Leave a comment to be entered to win a Tonya Kappes Southern Mystery tote bag along with some goodies! The winner will be announced Sunday!

SPEND THE HOLIDAYS IN HONEY SPRINGS, KENTUCKY, where the gossip is as hot as the coffee!




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But it doesn’t stop here! Scroll down to click your FREE download of Scene of the Grind Color Page, Scene of the Grind Cross-Stitch page, Scene of the Grind scavenger hunt, and a special recipe for your fur babies!






When I wrote Scene of the Grind and building the world of Honey Springs, I thought it would be a lot of fun to have a little map so you can visualize what I saw in my head as I wrote the town and caffeinated characters we’ve all grown to love! If you’d like your own copy of Honey Springs Pier, click here!




Grab your link to download your Scene of the Grind color page












Click here for a download of the Scene of the Grind Scavenger Hunt

If you aren’t familiar with the scavenger hunt, it’s a fun way I get readers involved in the story. They send in items that are near and dear to their hearts and I sprinkle them in the storyline so you can have fun trying to find them. I’m only able to pick ten items for each story, but be sure you keep an eye out for the next round of items by subscribing to our news and chit chat here!





My patreons LOVE cross-stitch patterns. We have been doing them monthly and I thought I’d share a free download of Scene of the Grind with y’all! I hope you download it and do the pattern. I don’t cross-stitch, but I promised myself I’d learn in the new year! Grab your pattern here!





















Happy Sleuthing!!!!!





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76 Comments on “Seasons Greetings with a host of goodies from me to you! (and your friends!) + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I love this little map. I have other books that put in maps of the town and surrounding area . It seems more exciting when I know where I am going which I rarely do in real life. Love the coffee series I have all of them. Thank you for such entertaining books.

  2. thanks for the freebies. my favorite tradition is that we have a dinnner on Christmas Eve with the kids. (they spend Christmas Day w their dad.)

  3. Beautiful family photo. And thank you for all the goodies. Can’t wait to try the scavenger hunt. Hope y’all have a very Happy Christmas

  4. I love that map! In my head I saw it like River Street in Savannah with all the shops lined up. So cute! That was a great book!

  5. My favorite tradition is Christmas lunch with friends. Thanks for making special moments with your online interactions and wonderful books!

  6. We have our Christmas after Christmas so we can have everyone here. It’s usually the weekend after, it’s our daughters 4 day weekend so they can come out for a couple days. We normally have the whole family for dinner, gift exchanges, & games. Merry Christmas!

  7. Mt favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree and making cookies with my Sister. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  8. Merry Christmas! I can’t wait to be drinking a cup of coffee and listening to all the gossip in the Bean Hive! Oh Paisley has a little crush on Pepper so she’ll be joining me too.

  9. My favorite Christmas tradition is the annual TSO concert. This year it’s virtual but we’re still excited. A concert in our pj’s?!? Fun! I also love that we all go tromping through fields of trees to find and cut our Christmas tree every year.

  10. One of my favorite traditions is that we go to church as a family on Christmas Eve. We open one gift when we get home

  11. thank you for the pattern i love cross stitching!

    my favourite holidays tradition is sharing memories of those who left ot gifted us ornaments while decorating the tree it make them presents with us even if far or in paradise

  12. My favorite tradition is Mass together on Christmas eve, a lasagne dinner then opening one gift each before bed.

  13. My family always attends a Christmas Eve service at church (although this year we will be doing this virtually). We have a meal with a special dessert and then we open presents. We sleep in on Christmas Day (we are not a family of morning people!). Merry Christmas!!!

  14. Christmas Eve with my husband’s family – cancelled this year of course. 🙁 Christmas day with my family and it’s also cancelled…….but we hope to be able to gather soon. Thanks for the chance!!

  15. My family tradition is new pjs to wear on Christmas Eve while enjoying all kinds of baked goodies and watching White Christmas

  16. I love that series! Thanks so much.
    Our tradition or I should say mine now is to go out front on Christmas Eve and take pictures of Santa going by on the back of a fire truck. Our volunteer fire department always gives him a tour and he passes out treats. Now my son is grown, I still want to show my appreciation for them taking their time to do it.

  17. We usually have the extended family and friends for Christmas Eve and this is the first time in 40 years that it won’t happen! Also, I bake with my niece every year since she was 7. She’s 19 now and still want to bake!! It’s our tradition, even if she spends more time on her phone lately!

  18. We do a grab bag every Christmas. Each family contributes gifts, silly things like shower caps, soap on a rope, candy, toys, gloves, chap stick or anything we San find under $10. We start with the youngest pulling from the bag and it then proceeds around to the oldest and we start all over again. We usually have enough gifts to go around 7-8 times. Lots of fun and then the trading starts.

  19. Every Christmas Eve, our family goes for a walk around the neighborhood to see all of the decorations and lights. If a small child is present, an adult carries jingle bells in a pocket. Toward the end of the walk, the bells are jingled and the child is informed that Santa must be very near and the child better hurry home and get into bed! Works every time! Worked on me 50 years ago!

  20. Really cute freebies!! Usually we go down to Texas and have a huge family dinner with my grandmothers sweet tamales but unfortunately with covid we are all staying away this year…but we are doing zoom and shes shipping out the tamales with fedex lol.

  21. We have several European Yuletide decorations that we display every year – a Christmas pyramid and our nativity scene as well as the European glass ornaments on our tree. ( My family on my mother’s side were European.) Then on Christmas Eve, our family usually attends the midnight service at our church.

  22. Thank you for all the free stuff. Several years ago, we started a tradition of going to dinner a few days before Christmas, then getting hot chocolate from Starbuck’s, and driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  23. This year my husband & I will be alone for Christmas. Due to COVID we won’t be able to be with our boys and their families. First time we have not been together at Christmas.

  24. Our family tradition used to be pizza on Christmas Eve. It’s a carryover from my family’s tradition as my father was Italian.

  25. I go to my son’s home and we have a brunch and open presents. The best is spending time with my children and grandchildren. Like you Tonya I have 4 sons.

  26. Having Son and family come over for Christmas Eve to open presents and then they stay overnight. We will only see them for a few hours this year due to “you know what”.

  27. My husband and I watch Christmas movies on Christmas eve, and then watch Charlie Brown Christmas movie on Christmas morning. Thank you for the download goodies.

  28. We have all the family together that live here in Texas and we decorate the tree, and laugh and reminisce about all the ornaments and who made what when. Merry Christmas!!

  29. My Family’s favorite tradition is celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve. I am from an Italian family and our big Christmas Eve meal, before opening the gifts, is the traditional Italian meal of the Seven Fishes.

  30. We always take a family picture at our Christmas gathering. Love those pictures. Last year and rumor is this year my son-in-law has us matching Christmas shirts. I hope this is a tradition that sticks. So fun!!

  31. Every year I get new Christmas pajamas for the 3 of us. The ones I wanted were just shipped from China and I don’t know if they will get here in time, so I had to order emergency pajamas from Amazon today!

  32. Our family tradition is in early December we get up early and take a ride out to a tree farm to cut down our tree. Our girls are 16 and 12 so they get in and cut the trees now.

  33. Thanks for the goodies! Love your books! One of my favorite Christmas traditions is listening to Christmas music while wrapping presents!

  34. Thanks for so much. Looking forward to next 10 years. We always make my moms old fashioned fudge, sing carols and dance around the clock!!

  35. Thank you so much for sharing all these goodies. The tradition that my family always had growing up was to open one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. It’s something that I still do today!

  36. I like our Christmas eve buffet followed by watching a movie together. I also enjoy baking and decorating Christmas cookies for the buffet.

  37. When my children and grandchildren come to Papa and Nana’s house and we open gifts, eat, have fun and we are thankful to be together.

  38. I love the map! It helps me live your story a little better. Thank you. Our tradition is making a gingerbread house every year then putting it out on Christmas day for our backyard critters. Watching a squirrel rampage a cookie house is very entertaining! Merry Christmas y’all ! ❤⛄❤

  39. I have an old, tiny, carved wooden Angel that was my ornament on my family’s tree when I was a little girl. She goes up on our tree, the highest Angel, every year.

  40. We usually spend Christmas Eve celebrating and playing games with our daughter and her significant other. Then Christmas Day I cook for my mother and Aunt and we have Christmas dinner and open gifts. Just found out my daughters boyfriend has COVID (he’s a teacher so I’m not surprised) so we’ll have to figure out how to celebrate separately this year. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope everyone has a healthy and Happy Christmas!

  41. My favorite holiday tradition is Singing together around the piano before everyone goes to bed on Christmas Eve.

  42. The only thing we do now is pull out the ceramic tree my Momma gave me. We are short on funds this year on account of having to replace our HVAC, water heater, and fix a collapsed sewer line, so there are limited gifts this year, but having a loved one to share time with is a gift in itself. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

  43. I love all the freebie goodies – thank you, Tonya! Y’all look so cute together. I don’t cross-stitch either but, like you, I may try it this coming year.

    Our tradition, normally, is traveling to southern Louisiana to visit family and friends. Since that isn’t happening this year, we will just have the other half of our traditional Thanksgiving dinner we made and froze. Our gifts to each other is normally the trip so we are continuing on our remodeling project as the holiday gift!

    Merry Christmas, y’all, and have a Happy New Year! (So glad to get rid of this weird year and start fresh on much better 2021!)

  44. We usually like to see a different live holiday show each year. We’ve been to performances of The Nutcracker by different ballet companies, The Rockettes, A Christmas Carol, a live radio show of Meet Me in St. Louis, etc. This year, unfortunately, we won’t be able to do that. I’m looking into getting a virtual performance sponsored by our local theater group so that we can still support the cause, even though it won’t be in the form of a live, in-person performance.

  45. Thank you so much. We usually try to get the kids grandkids great grands together, but this year it will not happen. We will talk on the phone

  46. We always go out riding around and looking at all the beautiful lights Merry Christmas To You and Your Family!

  47. Having our daughter and new son-in-law come over Christmas morning to have breakfast and open presents….!

  48. All our kids are grown up but even as adults, my husband has them make Christmas lists and we give them each a 2 dollar bill and a dollar coin.

  49. My tradition is on Christmas Eve I always go out front when Santa goes by on the back of a fire truck. They take him all over out village. Even though my son is grown, I want to show my appreciation that they take their time to do this every year no matter what the weather. They throw bags of candy to the kids. I always wave and take pictures.

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