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Day In The Life: Harriette Pearl

Millie, scooch over! Let Bernie take a load off. She’s been busy walking all over God’s creation to deliver our mail.

Here, Bernie, let me pour you a nice cold iced-tea. Millie, scooch over!

Now, I know you’ve got all these folks from the Cozy Town Sleuth wandering ’round with you today but I just have to bring up the fact that Lucy Drake is humdinger. I swear she’s flauntin’ all over there at Mac’s nearly throwin’ me into a duck fit.
I know, I know, you broke up with Mac, but that don’t mean he can keep company with the likes of her. If you ask me, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

But you didn’t ask me.

So don’t mind me flappin’ my lips. You just sit right over there and enjoy that tea.

I don’t see my Publisher’s Clearing House envelope in this here mail stack you handed me. I swear I was supposed to get it today. Can you take a gander back in your bag?

But while you do that, I want to welcome your friends to my front porch. I love my porch swings since it holds all me and the Front Porch Ladies.

Now…me and the ladies love to sit here everyday and talk about the events of the community. Mind you, we ain’t gossiping. We are discussing prayer concerns.

Which a lot of prayers can be said on a front porch. We love our porches here in the south. It’s a place to gather after a big Sunday supper after church while we watch the kids play in the yard. After our bellies are filled with the meals that consisted of at least four kinds of meat, a half-dozen casseroles, five or six vegetables, and 10 desserts made from recipes that are handed down in the family, we can relax right here.

Don’t mistake my porch for a veranda either. Here in Kentucky we mainly have porches. There’s a vast difference. Porches were here way before air conditioning where the veranda was popular after air conditioning.

My porch is always open. It meet all needs, all moods, and all hours, so come on and sit a spell.
Tell Harriette Pearl all about your favorite things about a good porch…yeah, I do refer to myself in third person.

YOU can meet the Front Porch Ladies, including Harriette Pearl in the Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery Series.

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