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Tag: tonya kappes

Seriously…Facebook is awful + Giveaway!

Does this face look inappropriate? Look at that sweet fur baby? The book ain’t so bad either, but that face! So…this is a pup of one a member of my Advanced Reader Copy group. She sent me this photo of her sweet baby with her ARC copy of Frothy Foul Play.

It’s an adorable face and NOT spam. So when I posted it to my Facebook page, a few of my readers had went to share it, only to be blocked by Facebook citing it was spam and inappropriate.

I’m hearing more and more of this lately. In fact, in order to have a business page, like my author page on Facebook, you have to have a personal page. Now, I do have a personal page, but I don’t use it for my business. It’s there for my family and good friends, but technically it’s there for my mom! No joke. She gets on there to see what our family is up to, meaning my cousins, aunts, uncles etc.

So she uses it more than me. If I could only have the author page, I would, but here’s the gig. I watch Big Brother with my readers on a private group page. I had commented on how the girls go in the game strong, then meets the boys and loses their minds only to get defeated and sent home. WOW! Facebook shut that down fast!

So fast they put a block on my personal page and said I was a bully. It took three months for them to remove the restriction from my personal page and from then on out I knew I had to make a plan.

My plan was to get a new website, get a blog, continue to grow my newsletter Tuesday Coffee Chat with Tonya and move not only all my news and giveaways there, but to get as many of my readers off Facebook and follow me here. Facebook is so unreliable that I have a deep set fear they will just shut me down and with no one to ask for help, like they did last time, and never let me back on where I can communicate with y’all.

I do not want to wake up one day with Facebook deciding that my page is inappropriate or they just see fit that something is spam, like the cute photos above, and take down the page. Then what will we do?

I know! Follow me here! How do you do that? See that tab on the top of the page that says SUBSCRIBE? Yep. Click on that and subscribe to the CHIT CHAT, which is this blog, where I post a few times a week and host giveaways. You’ll get an email every time I post and you can comment, which I will chit chat back with you.

Also, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter where I have different content on there! I’m so happy that I had Wax design me a new website so we can gather here without worrying about whether or not we lose contact!

Let me know your thoughts and enter to win this fun swag pack to one lucky comment! Check back Friday to see if you won!




Until PADDLERS, PROMISES, & POISON is ALIVE and available all across the interwebs! 😮 😮 😮 I cannot contain myself, I HAVE ALL THE EXCITEMENT! I can’t wait for you all to read more shenanigans from Mae West and the Laundry Club Ladies. PROMISES, & PROMISES, & POISON , book #16 in A CAMPER & CRIMINALS COZY MYSTERY series is coming MARCH 25th, 2021! Grab your camping gear people…
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** BLURB **

Welcome to Normal where NOTHING is normal.

REALTOR Chelsea O’Connell is found dead in a model home of the new development in Normal. She was not popular in the small tourist town located in the Daniel Boone National Park because the last thing this town wants is for more development to come in to take away anymore of the forest.

Detective Hank Sharp has his own hands full instead of worrying about his girlfriend Mae West and her nosey set of friend, The Laundry Club Ladies, now that he found out cuts are coming the Normal Sheriff’s department.

Rumors are swirling around about the Sheriff’s department doing some outsourcing and Hank’s job is one of them. Mae finds herself at a crossroads, does she put on her sleuthing cap to help out a friend who is the number one suspect on Hank’s list, or does she let Hank solve the murder by himself so he can prove how valuable his position is to the department?

PADDLERS, PROMISES, & POISON’ is the sixteenth book in the A CAMPER & CRIMINALS cozy mystery series with our beloved sleuth, Mae West and hsidekickick of friends we call The Laundry Club Ladies. All books in the series is FREE in Kindle Unlimited or can be purchased at Amazon. All books can be read as a standalones.

Happy Release Day Frothy Foul Play

Happy happy release day to FROTHY FOUL PLAY! I’m so excited for us to get back to Honey Springs and hang out with the people on the boardwalk sipping coffee from the Bean Hive.

I am so thrilled everyone is loving all of the freebies!




Grab the Frothy Foul Play coloring page by clicking here to download.  

If you do decide to download and color the cover of Frothy Foul Play, I’d love for you to send me a copy to, I’d be soooo grateful.


How fun is this small jewel beaded pattern!!! Have you ever seen these before? One of my friends in my Jesus group made the the cutest one of this lady and her hair is made out of a lot of butterflies. So when I saw I could make a bead pattern with the cover, I knew I had to do it!

I love these too! Grab the pattern by clicking here to download it. 

And for my friends who love to cross stitch, here is the pattern to download. 

I keep saying I’m going to make one of these cross stitch patterns but I’ve yet to learn how…

☆.•*´¨`*••RELEASE DAY ALERT! ••*´¨`*•.☆•

Southern hospitality with a smidgen of homicide!

LET’S GO BACK TO get a coffee from The Bean Hive!
\Roxanne Bloom, Aunt Maxi, Low-retta and the gossip queens of Honey Springs are chatting…well gossiping over the latest adventure of Crissy Lane’s homeopathic spa retreat, Bee Happy Spa.
PREORDER the book here:


Honey Springs, Kentucky is abuzz with the opening of a new holistic health spa. There are all sorts of outsiders in town to visit and participate in the opening. A reviewer from a famous magazine is there, but he has the bad habit of writing scathing reviews of everywhere he visits.
Could this be trouble for the grand opening?

Add to the mix Loretta Bebe (the town socialite) wants her granddaughter, Birdie, to work for Roxy, so what if she has a bad reputation that’s a mile long?

Things get a little frothy after the famous magazine reviewer turns up dead and the weapon is found on Birdie.
Do you think Loretta is going to let anyone but Roxy Bloom use her lawyering skills to solve the murder?
You’re darn-tootin’ she aint!

Grab your coffee and hold on to your hat, this southern mystery is full of red-herrings with all sorts of snorts that’ll having you wanting to stay for bit longer at the Bean Hive!Welcome to The Bean Hive where the gossip is as hot as a cup of coffee!

☆All books in the series are FREE with #KindleUnlimited #Cozymystery

Happy Sleuthing!

Gear, Grills, & Guns Audio Sneak Peek!


Grab this fun bonus audio from the Narrator for FREE here: