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Tag: mail carrier cozy

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Macchiato Murder

Do you feel that thrill in the air? It’s not just caffeine. We’re serving up a rich blend of mystery and suspense just for you! Before the world dives into the tantalizing tale of “Macchiato Murder,” we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek into one of its most gripping moments.


My heart pounded in my chest, curiosity and fear warring within me. I glanced around, half expecting to see someone, but I was alone. The passage beckoned, its shadows hiding secrets I felt compelled to uncover.

With a deep breath, I stepped into the corridor, my hand instinctively reaching for my cell phone to use its flashlight. The passage was narrow and filled with the musty smell of hidden places. My footsteps seemed loud in the silence, echoing off the stone walls.

As I crept farther along, a muffled voice reached my ears. I froze, straining to listen. It was the magician’s voice, angry and tense. I couldn’t make out the words, but the emotion was clear.

My heart thumped loudly in my ears as I moved closer, drawn by the drama unfolding. Maybe I was a bit nosy, and I wouldn’t enter. I’d just stand back and listen.
The magician’s voice grew louder, and then another voice joined in, equally furious. Their words were still muffled, but the anger was palpable.

Then, suddenly, a bang. A loud, unmistakable sound that sent a chill down my spine.
I broke into a run, fear and urgency driving me toward the noise. The corridor twisted and turned and then abruptly opened up into the room where the magic show was to be held.

And there he was.

The magician, lying lifeless on the floor, a pool of blood spreading around him, a gunshot wound visible. The old-time gun Eleanor had slung around her hip was on the floor next to him.

I gasped, my hand flying to my mouth, my eyes wide with shock and disbelief.
The room spun around me as I took in the scene, the props and decorations now a backdrop to a real-life tragedy.

The silence was deafening, the reality of what had just happened settling over me like a heavy cloak. The magician, who had promised enchantment and wonder, was gone. A life snuffed out in an instant.

I fumbled for my phone, my hands trembling as I dialed for help, my mind reeling with questions and fear.

Who had done this? Why? And what had I stumbled upon?

The magic of Hollow Manor had turned into a nightmare, and I was caught in the middle of it, my heart pounding, my breath caught in my throat.

“Oh my gosh!” Eleanor had ripped open the door. She stood there with her jaw dropped and eyes on the magician before they swept up and looked at me. “Roxy, what did you do?”

Whew! Chills, right? This scene is just the tip of the iceberg, and Roxanne Bloom’s latest adventure promises to be a roller-coaster of emotions.

What do you think happens next? How deep will this mystery go? The world of Honey Springs has never been so enigmatic, and every sip… er, snippet, will leave you craving more!

“Macchiato Murder” is more than just a tale; it’s an experience, a journey through suspense, and mysteries that will tantalize your senses. Make sure you keep an eye out for the full release – we promise, it’s a brew you won’t want to miss.
Share your thoughts, predictions, and reactions in the comments below. We love to hear from our community, especially our dedicated patrons like you.
Sending you cozy vibes and a sprinkle of intrigue.


Macchiato Murder will be available in ebook, Kindle Unlimited, paperback, and hardcover formats on September 14th. Audio coming soon!

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Post Mortem: Cross Stitch & Bead Cover Pattern

Hello Crafty Krew Friends! Today we’re excited to share the cross stitch pattern and the bead pattern for the cover of Post Mortem! Please send me a photo of your finished project! I’d love to see them.

Should you so desire, you can download the pattern as an attached PDF.

Handwritten Notes: Post Mortem

While I was writing Post Mortem, I was walking the golf course every morning. If you’ll remember how I took y’all on a walk a while back and it was really dark in the morning? That was when I was writing this novel in the Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery.

It was the surroundings that made me think to use a golf course. On my morning walks, I have met all the people who work at the golf course. It’s so funny because they are out there using their equipment to dry the dew off the greens and I’m formulating a killing!

When I’m writing, my kids know that if they want to see me they have to come to the house. Jack had come over during writing Post Mortem and I had the above piece of paper on the table.

My kids have really never taken a good look at what I do. As we all know, most kids, well my kids, are pretty deep into their life. I understand! But they really don’t know my process or really how I work. All they know is that I type on a computer a few hours a day.

Jack picked up this piece of paper and he said, “do you make notes on scrap paper?”

Yep! If you turned this over, it’s a receipt from the grocery store where I had come up with the final moment we find out who the killer is. . . only it didn’t turn out this way in the final copy. I guess this could’ve been an alternate ending, but I’ll just leave it here for now.

Have you read Post Mortem? Do you see any of the plot written on the piece of paper?

This is Helen! She looks like she’s enjoying her copy!


Check your mailbox! It’s release day for POST MORTEM!

Happy release day for Bernadette Butler and the Front Porch Ladies! Bernadette finds herself right back in a murder mystery after her mail carrier truck breaks down and she uses her bicycle to finish her routes. She’s not alone on the route!

Rowena wanted to go for a little ride and is usually a good girl in the bike’s basket. Not today! Something caught Rowena’s eye and she jumped out of the basket, bringing Bernadette to a halt. When Bernadette grabs up Rowena and tries to see what caught Ro’s eye, it was a dead body! Not just any dead body! It’s the dead body of a beloved husband and father of the community!

Bernadette understands how the fatherless child and the widow feel. Remember…Bernadette our seasoned sleuth had a similar past, which makes Bernadette on a mission to find out who did something so terrible and to bring killer to justice! I am having so much fun writing Bernadette! I hope you enjoy your trip to Sugar Creek Gap and super excited to read your reviews!




Today we are celebrating POST MORTEM with a fun release day party! We are having PIE and giveaways! What?? Pie? HUH?

Yep! Grab your favorite pie and snap a photo ! We love it! Join us for community and have a good time talking about PIE and of course Bernadette and the ladies!


I’m super excited to share your very own sleuthing document! I purchased this from Victoria Designs on Etsy! How fun is that??