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Tag: december 2020

Fifth Day of Christmas Camper Giveaway + 60 Recipes!

🎉🥳🎉Whooop whoop!! Congratulations to Jennifer Sandorf! 🎉🥳

Jennifer won a signed print copy of Christmas, Criminals, & Campers along with a camper tote, camper compact, and It’s A Southern Mystery Y’all measuring spoon!










I’m sooooo excited on this FIFTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS CAMPER GIVEAWAY to give you more than just ONE recipe! I’m giving you sixty! Sixty recipes that contributed from readers on our community here !

I baked all of them and they are all so good. And it’s right in time for you to look through them and make a few for your family. They are all cookies and delicious!

Grab your copy here!

And please let me know if you bake any! I’d love to have a photo.

Thank you so much for all the fun we had this week in the FIVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CAMPER GIVEAWAY. Be sure you enter the rafflecopter to be entered to win A print and signed copy of Christmas, Campers, & Criminals as well as Desserts, Driving & Derelicts, a tote, it’s a southern mystery y’all measuring spoon, and a camper compact.


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5 Days of Christmas Camper & Cookies Giveaway! Day TWO

Congratulations to Debra Knotts! 🎉🥳🎉

Debra was randomly selected as the daily winner for Day 5 Days of Christmas Camper Giveaways!

Debra has won a signed copy of the 4th book in my A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery, CHRISTMAS, CRIMINALS, & CAMPER! 🚐🎄🚐

Have you entered? You’ve got four more days of fun! Be sure to scroll down to enter for the next four days! YIPPEE!!!




I have no idea why I love gingerbread so much during the holiday but I do. So last year when Gingerbread Softies came out in Holiday Roast Mortem, book seven in my Killer Coffee Cozy Mystery, I was beyond thrilled when so many readers made them and LOVED them!

Of course our favorite coffee shop owner, Roxy Bloom had made the yummy cookies not only to sell at The Bean Hive, but to also nosh on while she was busy snooping into the murder of Ryan Moore on behalf of his wife Yvonne Moore after Yvonne had been pegged as the number one suspect.

Honestly! Look at all those Gingerbread Softies I made for my gang this week. And they didn’t last long!



Click on the photo to download the recipe card or click here to download the pdf.




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