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Featured: Home 2

Grave As All Get-Out

Kenni Lowry thought being sheriff in Cottonwood, Kentucky, was a breeze—until a psychic, claiming to commune with the dead, winds up stone-cold dead herself. Things go from bad to worse when a grave is found dug up, revealing secrets that Cottonwood would rather keep buried.

With her ghostly Poppa—the town’s former sheriff—providing his usual down-home humor and guidance, Kenni faces the challenge of unraveling a tangled web of deceit. As she digs deeper into the murder, Kenni must also contend with Deputy Scott Lee running against her in the upcoming election, spurred on by the ambitious Taven Tidwell.

With the help of her fiancé, the steadfast and annoyingly handsome Finn Vincent, and her trusty dog Duke, Kenni must race against time to catch a killer, solve the mystery of the dug-up grave, and prove to Cottonwood—and herself—that she’s worth her weight in grits. Can Kenni bring justice to her hometown before the whole case goes six feet under?