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Category: Day In The Life Character

Day In The Life: Mae West

A couple of years ago I was just starting out as a new RV’er, i had no idea what i was doing…I just knew my laundry was stinky, the trash can was dirty and the old RV I’d inherited stunk! So…I didn’t rest on my laurels! I came up with some great tips to help […]

Day In The Life: Harriette Pearl

Millie, scooch over! Let Bernie take a load off. She’s been busy walking all over God’s creation to deliver our mail. Here, Bernie, let me pour you a nice cold iced-tea. Millie, scooch over! Now, I know you’ve got all these folks from the Cozy Town Sleuth wandering ’round with you today but I just […]

Day In The Life: Mr. Prince Charming

Life was good. I mean real good until Isadora Solstice decided to stick her nose into my business. Granted, she was the one responsible for picking me to be June Heal’s Fairy God Cat. Yes, you read that right. FAIRY GOD CAT. Being a Fairy wasn’t just for cute little winged creators, though I am a very […]