Welcome to the Cocoon Inn


Hi there! Welcome to the Cocoon Inn. I’m Camey Montgomery, the owner of the Inn and I’m thrilled you’ve decided to lay your head here while you visit our little lake town of Honey Springs.
Don’t mind all dirt piles around the Inn. I’ve got my landscaper planting mums around the property so we are all ready for the festival.
Your room is ready. It’s one of the suites that has it’s own balcony facing Lake Honey Springs. You’re going to love sitting out there in the rocking chair with one of our quilts and a complimentary cup of coffee and sweet treat from Roxy over at the Bean Hive.
Oh…you met Roxy. Isn’t she great! When you get up in the morning, you can come on down here and right over yonder in that room is the hospitality room where you can get a coffee and pastry from the Bean Hive. Help yourself to get some and take them back up to your suite.
You won’t be disappointed with the amazing fall foliage you’re going to see along the view of the lake from your suite.
I hope you’ll think about staying for the Neewollah Festival. The main night is going to be on the bank of Lake Honey Springs in front of the Inn, right down there.
If you need a costume, you can go over to All About the Details. I think they’ve got some left in your size.
But you can head on up stairs to your room. I’m sure you’re exhausted from your travels into town. Plus I hear you’re taking in all the shops on the boardwalk tomorrow. You’re gonna need a good nights sleep.
Nighty, night, y’all ❤
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