Meet Bunny Bowowski



Hi-do! Welcome to Honey Springs.
I’m Bunny Bowowski. I work at the Bean Hive for Roxy. I’m a tad bit on the older side rather than the sunny side of life, but working there in my 70’s has been good for me. I do love me some good conversation.
Which reminds me. I heard you’re heading down to Crooked Cat Books.
Mmmhmmm. Now Roxy finding Alexis Roarke murdered is just hearsay because I haven’t really talked to her, but I heard it from Crissy down at the Honey Comb Salon. She’d know because she and Roxy were friends twelve years ago.
It seems so long ago, but it ain’t. Roxy hasn’t been back to Honey Springs in twelve years, but the two of them, Crissy and Roxy, they picked up like no time had passed. You know, we do that in small towns.
Oh, yeah. The police station.
Anyways, Roxy’s Aunt Maxi and Alexis Roarke really don’t get along too well. Didn’t get along, that is. In fact, they’d just had a public spat yesterday. Roxy went down to The Crooked Cat Book Store, Alexis’s store, to offer what I’d call a peace offering in the form of a cup of coffee and doughnut. This is where is gets good.
Alexis. Dead. Murdered. Not only that, but BANNED was stamped on her forehead. You know, Alexis used that stamp on the banned books in The Crooked Cats’ banned book section. Mmmhhhhmmm.
Now that’s just hearsay. Though I do know that Roxy is down at the police station trying to get her Aunt Maxi out of some kind of hot water. After all, just a few months ago before Roxy moved back to Honey Springs, she was one of them fancy lawyers.
Mmmhmmmm. Nothin’ like this has happened in Honey Springs. . .ever.
Now, you come on back. Remember that around these parts, the gossip is just as hot as the coffee. Toodles!
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