Honey Springs Boardwalk At Night



Roxy Bloom:
Y’all are still walking around? Oh, I hope you had fun! There’s so many shops, it’s hard to get through them all.
I was just locking up for the night. I have to be here by 4:30 a.m. to get those treats in the oven.
Don’t you just the twinkling lights along the boardwalk? Those are provided by the Beautification Committee. Have you met Loretta Bebe yet?
Not sure?
Oh, you’d be sure if you did. I’m sure you’ll see her downtown tomorrow. Didn’t I hear you were going into downtown Honey Springs?
Don’t miss out on going over to the Bee Farm across the lake while you’re in town. You can catch the ferry down at the Marina. Tell Big Bib Roxy sent you.
Night! ~ Roxy Bloom


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